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ill fitting swimsuit

An ill-fitting swimsuit is a nuisance and a confidence killer. And, that’s the last thing you need when wearing a swimsuit. Alas, finding yourself in a swimsuit that doesn’t fit is all too common. The process of trying on swimsuits can be tiring and disappointing. Before you know it, you’ve bought a swimsuit you don’t love for the sake of buying one.

But, you won’t have to end your swimsuit shopping feeling disappointed again. We’re covering all the signs that a swimsuit isn’t your size.

Here are 10 signs of an ill-fitting swimsuit:

1.  The bottoms are saggy.

Saggy swimsuit bottoms are not the result of a small butt. Instead, saggy bottoms are a sign of a poor-fitting swimsuit. Bottoms aren’t meant to fit loosely. If they’re loose when dry, imagine how loose they’ll become after getting wet. Try a different size or style if swimsuit bottoms are saggy.

2.  The straps fall off your shoulders.

The straps on your swimsuit shouldn’t slip off your shoulders. The straps help hold the swimsuit in place, and they can’t do that if they’re not on your shoulders. Try a smaller size if the straps still fall after tightening them.

3.  The panel between the cups sits on your boobs.

The panel between your swimsuit cups should sit on your chest – not on your boobs. This little panel helps keep the swimsuit in place, as well as helps support your bust. You likely need a bigger size if the panel isn’t resting on your ribcage.

4.  The bottoms squeeze your butt.

Swimsuit bottoms should fit tightly, but they shouldn’t squeeze your butt. You probably need a bigger size or a different fit if your butt is bulging out of the swimsuit. Even cheeky swimsuits shouldn’t overly squeeze your butt.

5.  The band rides up on your back.

Like bras, the swimsuit’s band helps support your bust. It’s a sign that you need a tighter band if it rides up on your back. You can try fastening the swimsuit on a tighter clasp. However, you’ll need a smaller size if tightening the band doesn’t resolve the problem.

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6.  The cups squeeze your boobs.

Showing extra boob in your swimsuit is fun. However, the cups shouldn’t be squeezing your boobs so much that they’re popping out. Try going up a size if the cups are squeezing your bust.

7.  The bottoms ride up.

Having swimsuit bottoms ride up and give you a wedgie is more than annoying. It’s a sign of a poor-fitting swimsuit! You likely need a bigger size in the bottoms if you’re experiencing this issue.

8.  You don’t feel confident in it.

Your swimsuit should boost your confidence, not reduce it. If you don’t love the way the swimsuit looks on you or fits you, it’s not the right one.

9.  It doesn’t provide you with enough support.

You may be wearing the wrong size suit if you don’t feel you’re getting enough support. It’s a good idea to wear bra-sized swimwear when you’re looking for a lot of support. You can get a bra fitting, then find the best swimwear size for you.

10.  It’s uncomfortable.

It’s essential for your swimsuit to be comfortable. A swimsuit that’s slightly too big or too small can be annoying. Add on being wet or hot in that uncomfortable swimsuit, and you’re not going to be a happy girl. Decide what’s uncomfortable about the swimsuit, then try on others to find the perfect fit.

Swimsuit shopping is much easier when you can instantly pinpoint what fits and what doesn’t. It may take time to find the perfect swimsuit, but don’t give up. It’s out there!

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how to buy a swimsuit that fits

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Happy swimsuit shopping!

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