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center of bra doesn t lie flat

The center gore on your bra serves a very important function: It connects the cups, as well as keeps the breasts separate. Sometimes, this panel rises away from your chest. You may be wondering: Why doesn’t it lay flat? And what can I do to fix it?

No matter what, a well-fitting bra will have a center gore that lies against your sternum. If it’s not, the problem comes down to one of two causes: the bra size is wrong, or the bra style doesn’t suit you. So, which is it? Read on to find out.

How the center gore affects the fit

If the center gore is floating away from your chest, either the cups may be too small, or the band too big. If the cups are too small, you’ll know because they won’t contain your breast tissue, which might spill out of the top, sides, or bottom (take a peek near your underarms, a common place for spillage). And if you suspect that’s the case, consider going up a cup size to ensure your breasts are fully encapsulated.

On the other hand, if the band is too big (as in, you’re wearing it on the tightest setting and still not getting adequate support), then you’ll want to go down a band size.

One key indicator that the band is too big is when it rides up in the back. Also, you shouldn’t be able to comfortably fit more than two fingers between the band and your torso (if you can, then you definitely need a smaller size).

Determining your breast shape

The only way to know for sure if you’re wearing the correct size is to get fitted by a professional. At a bra fitting, an expert can find out your band and cup measurements, but also recommend specific styles that will accommodate your breast shape.

Speaking of shape… did you know that wearing the wrong bra style for yours can actually cause problems with the center gore? This is one more reason why it’s critical to know your breast type: You can make more informed decisions about which styles will fit you best.

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Figuring out the best bra style for your breast shape

The majority of full-cup bras, for example, have a high center gore, while plunge bras have a low center gore. This means that if you have full breasts, full-cup bras will work nicely. On the other hand, those with athletic or slender breasts may find that a low center gore fits much better.

It’s important to look at the distance between your breasts when deciding on the right bras for you. Are your two breasts set farther apart toward the sides of your torso? If so, you’ll need a bra with a wider center gore to keep your wide-set breasts securely in place.

On the other hand, if your breasts are set closer together, seek out bras that have a narrow center gore, such as a demi-cup bra, which will still separate your boobs but won’t cut into your breast tissue.

Pro tips

A center gore that floats away from the chest is one of the key indicators of a poor fit. Still, it’s just as important to wear bra styles that are well suited to your breast shape to prevent this unsightly and uncomfortable issue. Be sure to educate yourself on the ins and outs of each style, specifically in regards to the center panel, before shopping for new bras.

And of course, we always advice getting fitted every six months — your bra size can change due to a wide variety of factors and making sure you’re wearing the correct one will help you to avoid a whole slew of issues, including a gap between the center gore and your skin.

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Happy bra shopping!

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