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what is my breast shape

As difficult as bra shopping is, it becomes a lot easier when you figure out your bra size and breast shape.

We’ve all brought a handful of cute bras into the fitting room and hoped that even one of them would fit. Bra shopping can certainly be stressful, so understanding your breast shape is the key to a successful shopping trip.

Which bra should you choose? Here are the best bras for each breast shape:

breast types and shapes

Sandrine Plunge Longline Bra | Sandrine Hipster in Ivory

Breast shape: Round

What it means: Round breasts have the same fullness from top to bottom – the breast tissue is evenly distributed throughout the breast. You’ve probably heard that if you have round breasts most bra styles will work for you and this is true. Demi bras, balconette bras, and bralettes are all clear contenders for this breast shape.

“What are the best bra styles for round breasts?”

Best bra styles: You can pretty much wear any style – from racerback bras and t-shirt bras to demi bras and bralettes. Why not try a new style or pick a print or color you wouldn’t normally choose? It’s easy to get into a style rut when it comes to lingerie, but there are plenty of other styles out there for you too!

normal breast shape

Sandrine Plunge Longline Bra | Sandrine Hipster in Ivory

Breast shape: Asymmetrical

What it means: Is one of your breasts noticeably bigger than the other? If so, you’re not alone. Most women have a breast that is slightly larger, but asymmetrical breasts typically involve one breast being a cup size (or more) bigger than the other.

“How do I make my boobs look more symmetrical?”

Best bra styles: Plunge bras, demi bras, and padded bras will balance out your shape and give you a more even look. Push-up bras with removable pads are another good option if one of your breasts is a cup size larger than the other. Simply remove the push-up pad from the side with the bigger cup and you’re good to go.

breast shape guide

Emma Wire-Free Soft Padded Bra | Emma Hipster in Black

Breast shape: Athletic

What it means: Strength is beautiful too! You have athletic breasts if you have a muscular chest with breasts that are wider and less dense than other breast shapes. Never fear, there are some great bras out there for you.

“Which bra style will provide the perfect amount of lift?”

Best bra styles: Push-up bras are a stellar option for athletic breasts – the construction of the bra will lift and center your breasts, creating a fuller shape. Avoid bras with tall center gores as they may cause discomfort and instead look for bras with low center gores, like the Emma Plunge Molded Bra. Wireless bras, like the Emma Wire-Free Soft Padded Bra, are comfortable and will work well for you too.

types of breast shapes

Emma Plunge Molded Bra | Emma Hipster in Nude

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Breast shape: Slender

What it means: Slender breasts are characterized by thinness all over and a lack of density. The breast tissue is typically shallow and they may be dropping or sagging in shape.

“How can I get more lift?”

Best bra styles: Balconette bras and demi bras are your best bet. Plunge bras can also be a great option as they’ll lift your breast tissue considerably. Speaking of plunge bras, slender breasts need a bra that provides a good amount of lift, so you may find your perfect fit in a plunge bra, push-up bra, or demi bra.

breast shapes

Charlotte Padded Bra | Charlotte Bikini in Blossom Print

Breast shape: Tear Drop

What it means: Tear drop breasts are breasts that are fuller on bottom. This breast shape benefits the most from a bra with a snug band and a firm, supportive fit to lift everything up.

“Which bra style will provide the lift and support I need?”

Best bra styles: Demi bras and balconette bras are both excellent choices for tear drop breasts. The cup design and wide set straps will lift your breast tissue up – no push-up padding needed. Padded bras are another option. With full coverage bras, be sure to try them on before purchasing as you may have an issue with your breast tissue filling up the cups in a full coverage style. If that’s the case, opt for a seamless demi bra instead.

different breast shapes

Charlotte Padded Bra | Charlotte Bikini in Blossom Print

Breast shape: Close Set

What it means: Do your breasts almost touch? Close set breasts have little space between each breast. If you have close set breasts, you might be searching for a comfortable bra that doesn’t dig in or irritate your sternum.

“Which bra style is the most comfortable for me?”

Best bra styles: Plunge bras are a perfect match for close set breasts. Their low center gore can tack against the sternum – unlike a bra with a tall center gore that will pull away from your body. Plus, they provide just the right amount of separation without putting too much stress on breast tissue. Bralettes and wireless bras are two other good options, same with racerback bras.

types of breast shape

Emma Plunge Molded Bra | Emma Hipster in Black

Breast shape: Wide Set

What it means: Wide set breasts, also known as side set breasts, have a fair amount of space between each breast. You might be looking for a bra that will center your breast tissue and reduce the space between your breasts. Enhancing your cleavage might be another priority of yours.

“How do I bring my breasts closer together?”

Best bra style: Balconette bras and demi bras are excellent choices for this breast shape. Plunge bras may work too – just be sure your breast tissue is supported and contained within the underwire of the cups. Bras with side slings, like the Marion Unlined Wire Bra, are designed to bring breast tissue to the center – making this a design detail worth seeking out if you have wide set breasts.

best bra for breast shape

Charlotte Padded Bra | Charlotte Highwaist Brief in Woodrose/Black

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Happy bra shopping!

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