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high waisted panties

Panty styles are definitely a matter of personal preference. While we may have a few styles in our collections, we all have our favorites — the ones are oh so comfortable, and also work so perfectly with our wardrobes. The ones that flatter our figures, and show off the assets we feel good about. Naturally, in order to find that go-to style, you need to understand the differences between all of your options.

It’s likely that you’ve come across the terms “high waist” and “high cut” while lingerie shopping. Both are very common panty terms, but they couldn’t mean more different things. So, what differentiates these two different style features? Read on for the full skinny.

High-waist panties

Also known as high-rise panties, this style features a waistband that comes farther up your midsection (typically within an inch of the navel). High-waist panties come in a wide range of cuts. From high-waist briefs to thongs, you’re sure to find one that works for your personal style and needs.

In recent years, high-waist panties have been making a major comeback. And is it any surprise? They have a certain throwback vibe — a retro romance that’s undeniably charming. Plus, they’re pretty much universally flattering.

Not to mention, high-waist panties are highly versatile from a style standpoint. They look stellar under high-rise jeans or slacks, a high-waisted skirt or even a fit and flare dress. But perhaps the top perk to this style is that they can smooth out the middle of your silhouette under a dress, skirt, or pants. In other words, a high-waist panty can double as shapewear – so you can avoid any unwanted lumps or bumps without having to wear multiple layers of undergarments.

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High-cut panties

As the name suggests, these panties are cut high on the leg. In other words, the sides of the panties are narrower, and they show more of the thigh. Typically, high-cut panties feature a mid rise or high rise.

High-cut styles have also been seeing a resurgence in recent years, not only in panties but also in swimsuits. And it makes sense, too: This panty style is perfect for showing off long legs (or elongating shorter legs) while still offering moderate coverage. It’s ultra flattering as well as comfortable.

Additionally, high-cut panties can be found in a bevy of different styles, from bikinis and thongs to briefs.

You can’t go wrong with either of these panty types. Just remember: A high-cut panty is almost always high-waisted, but it a high-waist panty isn’t necessarily high cut. If you’re looking for a panty that doubles as shapewear, either one will do the trick, but a high-waist panty is a safer bet. And if you’re seeking to flaunt a little more leg, then a high-cut panty is the ideal pick. Ultimately, both panty types can come in handy in any woman’s lingerie collection — the choice between the two all comes down to what look you’re going for,  and what outfit you’re wearing. So, why not stock up on a little of both?

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