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What To Do With Old Bras

The dilemma is this. You’ve finally gotten around to cleaning out your bra collection (congrats, quite a feat!), and are ready to get rid of the old to make way for the new. Maybe some of your bras have lost their shape, or you’re bust line has outgrown a few push-up bras, or you’ve realized you never really wear that minimizer bra after all. Regardless of your reasoning for wanting to ditch a few of these underthings, you’re now left wondering what to do with them. Should you donate them? And if so, to where?

In this guide, we’ve compiled some helpful advice on what to do with those old bras you no longer need.

Donate Your Bra

The name says it all: This nonprofit is dedicated to helping support breast cancer survivors by providing them with essential underthings. Simply ship them the bras you don’t want, and the collection center will then distribute them to women’s shelters, charities, and breast cancer support groups. Even bras with broken straps, hooks, etc. can be turned into art that is then sold to raise money for the cause! So don’t fret if your bras are in less-than-ideal condition — they could still make a difference.

Free the Girls

Free the Girls has a motto that pretty much sums up their mission: By donating a bra, you’re empowering women to make a living. The organization works with services across the globe that save women and girls from falling victim to sex trafficking and helps them to launch their own businesses selling any bras that are donated. You can mail your bras to the organization or swing by one of the many drop-off points across the U.S. to donate new and gently used bras of all styles and sizes. And know that for every four bras that are donated, one woman in the program is able to make a living wage. Feel free to pen an inspiring or encouraging note to the women who are receiving the bras along with your contribution.

The Bra Recyclers

Did you know that 95 percent of the textiles we throw away can be recycled? The Bra Recyclers seeks to change that statistic by making it easier for people to give away their gently used bras in order to help women and girls in need. Even bras that aren’t wearable can make a difference in regards to the environment — the organization simply recycles them so that they don’t end up in landfills, So far, they’ve recycled over 1 million bras, supporting over 80 nonprofit organizations. They offer physical drop-off locations for your bras, but if none of those are close enough to you, you can also take advantage of the mailing option for donations.

Looking for a local organization to donate your bras to? Check out this list!

Get creative

Not ready to part with an old bra? You can still make use out of it in your wardrobe. Sewing a bra into a camisole or bathing suit top can lend some lift and support. Or, if a bra has removable padding, you can sew it into backless dresses and tops. You can even use bra padding as shoe inserts for some added comfort!

It’s important to reassess your bra collection once in a while to identify any pieces you may not be getting wear out of anymore. But before you toss those bras, consider some of these ideas for giving them new life — whether through a recycling service, a nonprofit for a worthy cause, or in your very own wardrobe.

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Happy bra shopping!


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