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If your cash flow is tight, finding the right bra can be something of a minefield. We all know that high-quality lingerie is worth investing in, so how can you save yourself some cash?

Let’s take a look at what you need to know and how you can bag the best bra on a budget.

The danger of scrimping on a bra

Before we go any further, it’s worth noting one thing: Buying a super cheap bra will not save you any money in the long-term. One of the biggest mistakes that women make when it comes to choosing lingerie is opting for the cheapest deal. The problem here is that these items are likely to be low quality. That means that a) they won’t offer you the support that your breasts need and b) they will start to wear out all too soon.

Let’s face it, having to replace your bras every few weeks is certainly more expensive than having to do so every few months. If you find yourself dealing with worn out, broken bras on a regular basis, you need to do something about it. The chances are that you’re buying cheap and cheerful lingerie that simply will not do the job at all.

The best budget bra options to buy

We already know that buying quality items is the only way forward. However, it’s worth noting that you can still get a real deal if you shop around. Choosing basic, yet quality items could help you to save money in the long run. For example, investing heavily in a few high-quality t-shirt bras is a smart move for your bank account. Doing so means that you have some wonderful everyday bras that you can wear with any given outfit.

When it comes to choosing bras, you need to make sure that you know what you’re looking for. Avoid lingerie that is too thin and flimsy. Instead, you should opt for pieces that have decent, thick material and a thick band too. Bras with minute details are often relatively good quality, and so you should also look for this telltale sign.

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best inexpensive bras for large breasts

Marion Contour Padded Bra P5581 in Nightshadow Blue

The most versatile styles of lingerie

Of course, when you’re looking to buy a bra on a budget, you shouldn’t overlook the versatility factor. If you can wear this piece of lingerie in a whole range of situations, you should find that it’s worth its weight in gold. You might want to choose a bra that is ideal for the office but, equally, can be worn with a stunning evening gown look. So, with that point firmly in mind, what are the most versatile pieces of lingerie on the market?

Choosing a beautiful convertible bra could be the answer to your lingerie prayers. These types of bras are ideal as you can change them around to suit your outfit. The ability to remove the straps means that you can even wear this style of lingerie with a strapless dress. On the other hand, a bra like this one suits most occasions. It will work under a simple blouse, t-shirt, or even a sweater. Plus, it can be packed for a weekend trip or week-long vacation and worn with a myriad of outfits.

How to save money on lingerie

Saving money when you’re buying lingerie takes a little hard work and a whole load of expertise. You don’t want to overpay for high-quality lingerie but, at the same time, you don’t want to end up scrimping and getting a poor quality product.

Here are just a few tips that you might want to keep in mind when it comes to shopping and looking after your bras:

  • – Keep your eye out for sales and discount vouchers
  • – Join mailing lists so that you’re always the first to know about sales
  • – Take care of the lingerie that you already have
  • – Make sure that you store it correctly too

Following these simple tips could be just the thing to help you save money and find the best bra on a budget. Keep in mind that shopping during the sales season and being savvy when it comes to the quality of item you buy is absolutely key.

Now that you’ve got the details, what on earth are you waiting for? Treating yourself to some gorgeous lingerie is a surefire way to brighten your mood and lift you up. Why not start looking for cute styles today and see whether you can find something that fits the bill?

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best inexpensive bras

Lulu Unlined Wire Bra P5612 | Lulu Hipster P5615 in Grape

We Highly Recommend

Whether you’re shopping for new everyday bras or lingerie for a special occasion, it’s always a good idea to seek out a second opinion. We know how hard it is to find bras that fit well and feel good, especially when you’re doing it on your own. If you’ve ever felt unsure about your bra size or you just don’t know where to go to find good bras, it’s time to let a bra fitter help.

Many specialty lingerie boutiques offer bra fittings. Their expert bra fitters will take the pain and frustration out of bra shopping and do all the work for you. Even better, their product knowledge can save you time and money. Plus, they know where all of the best bras are hiding.

If you’ve struggled with finding bras in the right size, it’s time to make a change. Visit our specialty store locator to find a store near you and schedule an appointment.

Happy bra shopping!

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