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what does a longline bra do

Every woman has a strapless bra in her lingerie collection. It’s essential because so many tops and dresses require bare shoulders or backs. But, what about a longline bustier? If you thought longline bustiers were only worn under poufy, Victorian-style dresses, you’re wrong.

Longline bustiers have a place in your modern wardrobe for a variety of reasons. Let’s first talk about what the longline bustier is.

What is a longline bustier?

A longline bustier is similar to a strapless bra, but its material extends to cover your torso and stomach. (Hence, giving it its “longline” name.) Clasps go all the way up the backside of the bustier for a snug, adjustable fit. Women have been wearing longline bras for decades to slim and shape. You may even think of a longline bra when you think of retro bra styles.

What does a longline bustier do?

Longline bustiers are multi-purposeful. The fitted, extended material helps to shape the waistline. In turn, longline bustiers smooth your mid-section. The material smooths your sides, back and belly for a sculpted silhouette.

A longline bustier also provides extra support and lift because of its longline style. The extended material helps the bra cups stay in place – offering effortless, all-ay support. This aspect makes longline bras super helpful for women with bigger busts. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that your bra will give you the support you need while also giving a natural, feminine lift. Your longline bustier also adds versatility to your wardrobe since its strapless.

Take Parfait’s Elissa Low-Back Bustier Collection, for example It’s feminine – with dainty, lace detailing, yet functional. It has a low back, underwire for added support and molded cups for a beautiful, natural lift.

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longline bridal bustier

Elissa Low Back Bustier P5017 in Pearl White

How do you wear longline bustiers?

There’s no right or wrong way to wear a longline bustier since it’s so versatile. One way to wear a longline bustier is as an alternative to your strapless bra. It works perfectly under strapless tops and dresses. Choosing a longline bustier with a low back, like the Elissa Low-Back Bustier, gives you all the benefits of a longline style while wearing low-back garments.

But, longline bustiers aren’t strictly for wearing under strapless items. They’re a go-to whenever you want effortless support and lift and a smooth silhouette. (Remember, years ago, women wore these under big dresses – long-sleeved or cap-sleeved – to accentuate a small waist.) So, you could wear one under a fitted, long-sleeve dress or even an evening gown.

Final tips:

Though the longline bustier is functional, it’s also flirty. Many offer feminine detailing, and the bustier makes a statement all on its own. So, there’s no need to think you can’t show off this little number. A longline bustier could be worn under your date night outfit or by itself for a romantic night at home.

A longline bustier is a must-have in every woman’s lingerie drawer. Whether you’re dressing up for a special occasion or want an effortless look that stays in place – the longline bustier is a good fit. And with its vintage-inspired look, the longline bustier is a sexy piece of lingerie that you’ll want to show off.

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longline bustier

Elissa Low Back Bustier P5017 in Black

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Happy bra shopping!

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