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Can Bralettes Be Worn As Bras 1 - What Are Bralettes and How Do I Wear Them?

Ah, the bralette — no doubt that by now you’ve heard of this particularly trendy undergarment. Over the past few years, it seems these lacy little styles are popping up everywhere, and with good reason. The bralette boasts a number of benefits for wearers, and there’s no denying it also looks impossibly pretty under certain outfits. But can bralettes be worn as bras? Or are they a specialty item that’s only meant for women of certain bra sizes, and certain ensembles?

We’re diving deep into the subject. Read on to find out how exactly a bralette functions and whether it can be sported the same way as your regular bras, as well as all the advantages and drawbacks this style offers.

What does a bralette do?

While your traditional bra features two separate cups that may contain wire or padding for lift and shaping, bralettes are typically wire-free, and either contains very light padding or no padding at all. As such, they’re typically worn with comfort and style in mind rather than support in mind. They may provide a reasonable amount of coverage, depending on the cut of the fabric. You can find bralettes in a wide variety of colors, materials, lengths and strap styles as well. As many bralettes are made with particularly pretty lace, in stunning hues, and with fashion-forward details, it tends to be more acceptable when they’re shown under a tank-top, dress or off-the-shoulder sweater.

Can anyone wear them?

Given that most bralettes lack molded cups or underwire, they tend to be a more fitting option for those with smaller breasts. That said, many women prefer bralettes because they’re typically unlined, and padding can sometimes add extra bulk to the bustline.

Smaller-breasted women can get away with non-padded, triangle-cup styles, but if you have a fuller bust, seek out bralettes that have more features for some light shaping and lift. You’ll also want to make sure to choose bralettes that come in the conventional band and cup sizing, as opposed to small, medium and large. Adjustability is a key consideration — a one-size-fits-all band and straps is less likely to fit flawlessly. For example, a wire bralette with a three-part cup design, hook-and-eye closure, adjustable shoulder straps and underbust boning offers the best of both worlds: It’s still lightweight and has the look of a bralette, but offers a little extra support than other styles. Additionally, as a longline bralette, it offers even more support and a waist-smoothing silhouette.

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what is a bralette

Why should I try a bralette?

Comfort is certainly one of the top reasons why many women choose bralettes over molded bras. During pregnancy or nursing or after surgery, they can be a viable option. They’re also an ideal pick on days when you’re just lounging around the house, traveling (they’re ultra comfy on long car rides or flights) or while you’re sleeping. You may also find that lightweight, gentle bralettes are an easier option during the hotter months, or when your breasts are a bit swollen and sensitive due to PMS.

So, can bralettes be worn as bras? Ultimately, it’s a matter of whether support and structure are important to you. If so, then you’re better off selecting a traditional bra, or otherwise, a bralette that’s specifically constructed with underwire and adjustable features.

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