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Planning on buying lingerie for your significant other this Valentine’s Day? Great! That’s a wonderful gift idea she’ll love. Buying lingerie as a gift can get a little tricky because of the sizing and various styles. But, we’ve compiled a list of tips to help you hit this one out of the park.

Here are the do’s and don’ts of buying lingerie for Valentine’s Day:

Do check her size before shopping.

It’s essential you check your partner’s lingerie size before lingerie shopping. Look at her bras, panties, nighties, teddies, etc., and jot down her size in each category. This ensures you don’t just “eyeball it” when buying lingerie. If you’re lingerie shopping in a store, having her sizes makes the process more efficient. The lingerie associate can show you items in the right sizes, so you don’t waste time.

Do stay within her style.

Make note of your partner’s lingerie style as you’re checking her sizes. These styles will guide you in buying lingerie as a gift. Does she prefer wide band panties? Does she have a lot of sheer lace intimates? Does she have more teddies or chemises? Does she have a matching bra and panty set? (If she doesn’t have a matching set, don’t think she wouldn’t love one! Matching lingerie sets are a luxury that many women don’t invest in.) Choose garments that are within her general style, and you’re on the right track.

Do choose something you’ll both love.

Choose lingerie that you’ll love seeing her in, and she’ll love wearing. If you’re sticking to a lingerie style she has, she’ll likely love it. But, you should make sure you’re excited about your selection as well.

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valentines day lingerie

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Don’t assume the lingerie associate will know your partner’s size.

Never assume that a lingerie associate can help you find the right size. Weight, height and clothing size do not determine a woman’s lingerie size. The lingerie size is found by taking various measurements around her bust. This is why it’s so important to check your partner’s size before lingerie shopping.

Don’t assume one size really fits all.

Some lingerie items have only one size – “one size fits all.” (OSFA) This is most common in some thongs and teddies, but certainly not all. It’s best to not buy lingerie that is sized as OSFA. Most of the time, one size can’t possibly fit all women. You’ll have more luck finding an item that fits if you select her actual size when buying lingerie.

Don’t try to experiment with a wild style.

There are countless lingerie styles available, and all are gorgeous. So, it can be tempting to gift her a wildly sexy piece of lingerie she’s never tried. However, this type of surprise isn’t always best. Buying lingerie that’s far outside her comfort zone could make her feel insecure. Buy something you know she’ll love, and she’ll be confident when wearing it. (After all, confidence is the sexiest trait.)

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Do your homework, and you will nail buying lingerie as a gift. Don’t worry if you’re a guy who’s a little nervous about finding the right lingerie. A store associate can help guide your shopping experience when know your partner’s size and preferences. If that still seems overwhelming, perhaps go lingerie shopping together. She’ll still appreciate that you want to buy her lingerie, and shopping together can be sensual and fun. Good luck!

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