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Valentine’s Day reached an all-time high of $19.7 billion in 2016, which includes the $2 billion roses delivered to the ladies throughout America. While I definitely love being adored on this amorous holiday – especially because I’ve played on the single’s team for a few years- paying $75, plus delivery, for roses doesn’t sound very lovely. I’d prefer a single rose or maybe a few flowers from Trader Joe’s that could cost my lover no more than $10. That’s just my preference.

For those who do enjoy being surprised with a special delivery of a dozen long-stem roses (nothing wrong with a little spotlight), here are a few hacks that can help your significant other score a bouquet of roses for no more than $50.  The closer we approach February 14th, the more expensive roses become and quality is lost. It’s a crazy world out there, so, if you dare, follow these instructions to save yourself and money!

Tip #1:

pexels valentines day flowers Credit: Pexels

Florists smell desperate. Don’t wait last minute to place an order for a bouquet of roses or it’ll hurt your wallet. Roses can live up to 5-7 days, even longer if you add a little sugar to the vase. Deliver the roses to yourself on February 10th, and then hand-deliver them to your valentine on the 14th.

Tip #2:

pink roses for valentine's day Credit: Stocksnap / Sarah Babineau

Red roses are so cliché and $20 more than any other colored roses. Order pink for a change. I promise she’ll still be happy as a clam!

Tip #3:

valentine's day flower bouquet Credit: Stocksnap / Jeremy Cai

While roses are the best choice of expressing your deepest affection, you’re in luck if your significant other favors less expensive blooms: daisies, tulips, carnations, delphiniums and many more. Unlike roses that die in less than a week, these pocket-friendly florals have a longer life span of 11 days. That’s pretty romantic, if you ask me.

Tip #4:

Untitled design 2 1 - Valentine's Day: How To Save Money On Roses Credit: Stocksnap / Alisa Anton

Visit your local florist, instead of ordering from an online floral boutique. Online floral boutiques have higher prices because they, then, place your order with your local florist. You don’t need a middle man!

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