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bra band too small

Your bra band is supposed to be the anchor of your lingerie – it should hold everything in place while giving you all of the support that you really do need. So, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that, when it starts to ride up your back, something could be going seriously wrong. With that in mind, let’s answer the burning question.

Here’s why your bra band rides up your back (and how to fix it): 

Your bra doesn’t fit.

The truth of the matter is that when your bra is ill-fitting in this way, it’s a sign that something is just not quite right. While you may think ignorance is bliss, the sooner you do something about that and get the right measurements, the better you will feel and the more comfortable you will be! Should you find that one or, indeed, all of your bras have this problem, you need to do something about it sooner rather than later.

You’re wearing the wrong band size.

The first (and perhaps most obvious!) reason here is that your bra’s band size could be too tight or too loose. When you’re wearing the wrong band size, your bra may naturally slide up the back as a result of the mounting tension. Should that be the case, it means that you need to change your bra as soon as possible. Often enough, the fit of the band can be somewhat painful and uncomfortable. And, let’s face it, that’s something that no woman wants!

So how tight should your bra band be? You should be able to fit two fingers comfortably between your skin and the bra band.

Or your cup size may be too small.

Equally, you may find that the cup size you’re wearing is a little too small for your breasts. Remember, your breast size can change naturally over time. Everything from your hormone levels to your weight has an impact on what bra size you are. Over time, you may not realize it, but your boobs could get larger or smaller. Indeed, many ladies out there find that their size fluctuates as they age. That is why it’s ultra important that you get measured as often as possible – every four months is preferable.

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how tight should bra band be

The bra could be old and worn.

Sadly, as bras get old and worn out, they lose their elasticity. As that happens, you could find that the band of your bra starts to release tension and become loose overnight. That means that it can easily start riding up your back (or, indeed, just look baggy). The key to avoiding just this problem is making sure that you change your bras on a regular basis. Every few months, it’s crucial that you invest in some new, high-quality bras. You won’t regret it at all!

You may be fastening it too tightly.

Ask yourself a small, simple question: How tight do you tend to fasten your bra? If you always use the tightest clasp, that could be an issue. Sure, you may want to make sure that the bra itself is as comfortable and supportive as possible, but that doesn’t mean that you should force it. When your band is pulled too tightly, it’s bound to ride far up your back. Not only is that sure to be a tad irritating, but it will mean that your breasts are not getting the support that they need from the bra itself. Yikes!

Your bra straps may need loosening.

Next, it’s time to take a look at the straps of your bra. While you may think that they have very little to do with where your band rests, they do. If, in a bid to hoist your chest up, you’ve pulled your bra straps as tight as possible, you could be doing more harm than good. The lack of length in your straps are likely to be pulling your bra well up your back.

It’s worth taking the time to adjust your straps so that you can be sure that they are right for your shape and size. Remember, these shouldn’t be causing any indentations on your shoulders. Should you see marks when you take your bra off after a long day, then your bra is most certainly too tight for you. Loosen up the straps a tad for a better fit.

The style of bra could be all wrong!

Some bra styles don’t suit certain women. This has a whole load to do with what shape and size your breasts are. For example, you may find that a balconette bra is the oh-so-wrong shape for your body but a plunge bra suits you perfectly. When the bra is the wrong style for you, you might find little oddities, such as the band slipping up or feeling uncomfortable in general. In cases like this one, it’s vital that you take the time to find a style of bra that’s better for you!  

Since all women are individual, finding the right fit for you may take a little research. (It doesn’t have to be homework – it can be fun!) When you notice that something is wrong, such as the band sliding up your back, you need to solve the problem. The sooner you do something about it, the better. After all, every woman deserves to feel strong, secure, and comfortable in her lingerie.

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Happy bra shopping!

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