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strength training apps for women

Say goodbye to the gym and say hello to technology with the best fitness apps for women. Burn, tone and stretch with the help of virtual trainers, online communities and fun challenges.

1.  Charity Miles

women apps

Image via Charity Miles

Do good for your body and your soul with this award-winning app. For every mile you run, walk or bike, the app donates to a participating charity. Exercise to Stand Up to Cancer, save the animals with ASPCA, help veterans in the Wounded Warrior Project and much more.

2.  Daily Yoga

best fitness apps for women

Image via Daily Yoga

Yoga is supposed to be a peaceful way to stretch your mind and body, but staying balanced in tree pose in front of the class can be nerve-wracking. With Daily Yoga there is no stress; enjoy your own coach for a solo workout in the privacy of your home.

3.  Johnson and Johnson 7 Minute Workout

best apps for women

Image via Johnson and Johnson 7 Minute Workout

If you’re a woman always on the go, it may seem you like you barely have time to breathe, let alone workout. Johnson and Johnson’s Director of Exercise Physiology created this 7-minute solution. With form and motivation tips, this quickie cardio workout at home has exercises for all experience levels.

4.  Fit Radio

apps for women

Image via Fit Radio

Music is the motivator with Fit Radio. These beats-per-minute playlists provide that steady pace to keep your heart rate up as you bust a move. Choose playlists created for specific workouts – from CrossFit to Zumba – or search for your favorite genre or artist and get moving.

5.  Lose It!

great apps for women

Image via Lose It!

The creators of Lose It! know it sometimes takes a (virtual) village. This app uses a well-rounded approach to monitor your activity level and diet. Join a peer group and compete in challenges to eat more greens or burn more calories.

6.  Couch to 5K

exercise apps for women

Image via Cool Running/Couch to 5K

Running is all the rage right now, and why not? You can run as a solo workout or with friends. Plus there’s competitions with cute costumes. With a personalized coach, this app gets you off the couch and at the starting line for your first 5K by following a 30-minute, three-day-a-week training for nine weeks.

7.  Strava

free fitness apps

Image via Strava

For serious running and cycling competitors, Strava offers detailed performance analytics and a chance to see how you stack up against athletes in your community. The app suggests challenging routes to take and measures speed, pace and distance. It also compares your workouts against each other.

8.  Fitocracy

best free fitness apps for women

Image via Fitocracy

Fitocracy is one of the best fitness apps for women who thrive under peer pressure. After a fitness assessment, you’ll get a personalized nutrition and workout plan. Then, you can conquer challenges, socialize your stats and contribute to the competitive online community.

9.  Sworkit

women fitness app

Image via Sworkit

Are you worth it? Then Sworkit with this app that guides you through workouts requiring no equipment, so you can have a solo workout at home for 5 minutes or more. The app pairs strength, Pilates, yoga and other stretching exercises with Spotify playlists.

10.  Seconds Pro

iphone apps for women

Image via Run Loop/Seconds Pro

If high-intensity interval training (HIIT) and circuit workouts are what pump you up, Seconds Pro acts as your timer and trainer. The app speaks your workouts, gives visual clues to ready you for the next exercise and plays music as it counts down the seconds on each interval.

11.  Daily Butt Workout

top 10 apps for women

Image via Daily Butt Workout

Just 5- to 10-minutes a day with the Daily Butt Workout tones your butt and legs. Simply follow the videos and it’s like you have a personal trainer helping you workout at home for free.

12.  Daily Ab Workout

mobile apps for women

Image via Daily Ab Workout

Similar to the butt workout, the Daily Ab Workout is one of the highest-rated, no-frills fitness apps for women wanting to improve their core. You’ll feel the burn after powering through these 10 exercises.

{Editor’s Note: This post is not sponsored by or affiliated with any of the brands or businesses mentioned in this post.}
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