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supportive sports bras for large breasts

The last thing you should be thinking about during your sweat session is support — but unfortunately for many of us, that’s tough to avoid when you feel like your chest is bouncing out of control. A sports bra that provides sufficient support is crucial, though, and not just for allowing you to workout comfortably and without any self-consciousness. That’s because during exercise, the Cooper’s ligaments — which help to support the breast tissue — can gradually start to stretch out if they’re not well supported. So if you want to prevent premature sagging (and don’t we all?), you’ll need a sports bra that can minimize breast movement during your workouts.

But that does that mean you need a wired sports bra? Read on for the full lowdown.

The power of underwire

Does underwire have an edge? Of course. After all, the sole purpose of this wire is to encompass all of your breast tissue, not only offering lift, separation, and support but also lending a more rounded shape to your breasts. Does that mean that without underwire, your sports bra can’t provide support? No, not at all. There are other features and aspects of the bra’s construction that can make up for the lack of underwire. Still, for large-busted women who need all the support they can get, underwire will certainly prove helpful.

Key features

If you opt for a wireless sports bra, you’ll want to seek out a style that has certain features to compensate for the lack of underwire.

Of course, you need to make sure that the bra fits flawlessly — and that means a little tighter than your regular bra. A sports bra that is even just a little too loose simply cannot provide enough support, and therefore cannot reduce movement. That means every time you run, jump, etc., you’ll be putting a lot more strain on those Cooper’s ligaments and your breast tissue overall. The straps should stay on your shoulders, even during high-intensity cardio, without digging into them whatsoever. Adjustable straps are ideal for achieving that perfect fit.

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supportive sports bras

Encapsulation sports bras vs. compression sports bras

You’ll also want to seek out encapsulation bras as opposed to compression bras when support is a priority, such as for medium-impact and high-impact workouts. Whereas compression bras press the breast tissue against your body to keep everything in place (sometimes resulting in the dreaded “uni-boob” if you have bigger breasts), encapsulation bras boast individual cups that support each breast separately. The result is not only a more flattering look but also more bounce control. As an added bonus, encapsulated styles can also help to prevent chafing more effectively than compression bras because they separate the breasts from each other.

Lastly, look for a wider underband on the sports bra, as this bottom band is responsible for providing a lot of the support. A band that features hook-and-eye closures will allow you to adjust it to ensure it’s snug enough against your torso.

Are wired sports bras more supportive than wireless sports bras?

So, are wired sports bras any more supportive than their wire-free counterparts? The bottom line is that underwire can make a notable difference in terms of support and overall comfort, particularly for those with larger breasts. However, while underwire is certainly advantageous, it isn’t necessarily essential, as other aspects of the design, construction, and fit of the sports bra can also lend support as well. No matter what sports bra you buy, be sure you’ve had a professional fitting recently so you know your correct size and always choose one based on the impact level of your workout. That way, you can engage in any activity without worries about your chest, and focus on what matters: getting in a great workout.

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do sports bras support your breasts

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Happy bra shopping!

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