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what are soft cup bras

Don’t get us wrong: We love underwire. In fact, there are many occasions on which we wonder what we’d do without that structuring little feature. Still, there are times when, for whatever reason, we may want to ditch the wire altogether. Maybe we’re just planning on lounging around the house on a lazy Sunday, maybe our breasts are tender or sensitive from breastfeeding, or maybe we just like to have the option to give our bust a break. Regardless of the reason, soft-cup bras are the answer. So, what are soft cup bras? And are they right for you?

This guide should answer all your questions about this increasingly popular style — so let’s get right to it, shall we?

What are soft cup bras?

On a basic level, a soft cup bra simply refers to a bra that doesn’t have any underwire. These bras may have a number of other features to compensate for the lack of wire and lend extra support, such as wider straps, a thicker band, multi-part cups, and inner slings.

Who are soft cup bras designed for?

Let’s clear one thing up straight away: soft cup bras are not for small-breasted women only. As previously mentioned, this style has come a long way in recent years, and can still lend sufficient support with the right cut and set of features (as well as a flawless fit, of course). Soft cup bras are a solid option for women who simply want a comfy style for low-key days, as well as for women who are pregnant or nursing and want to forgo underwire during those phases.

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best wireless and soft cup bras

Parfait Emma Wire-Free Soft Padded Bra P5491 | Parfait Emma Hipster P5495 in Bare

When to wear soft cup bras:

Guess what? Soft cup bras encompass a range of different styles — whether you’re seeking a T-shirt bra, front-closing bra, or full-coverage sports bra. As such, you can surely find a soft cup bra for every occasion, whether it’s a sexy longline style for date night or a lightweight lacy bralette for long strolls in sweltering summer months. A wire-free soft padded bra with a plunge shape is bound to come in handy for those dresses and tops with a super low neckline.

So when should you wear soft-cup bras? Anytime, depending on the style. You’ll surely appreciate a wire-free option for casually running errands, relaxing or doing some chores around the house, or engaging in a form of low-impact exercise like yoga or Pilates. They also offer a perfect compromise for those who prefer to sleep in a bra but don’t want to wear underwire to bed.

What features to look for in a soft cup bra:

We’ve got some phenomenal news for all the large-busted women out there: Bras can still be supportive sans underwire — as long as they’re expertly constructed and made with high-quality materials.

For example, a wire-free soft padded bra lends impressive coverage and shaping, and it’s super versatile in a neutral hue like basic bare. Adjustable shoulder straps and a hook-and-eye closure with several rows of hooks are key for getting a perfect fit. Better yet, detachable straps mean you can wear the bra different ways.

So, let’s review. Soft cup bras are just another term for wire-free bras — they’re an ideal choice for anyone who’s seeking a natural shape and prioritizing comfort, and they are available in a myriad of styles depending on your preferences. If you’re thinking about adding one to your collection (and we’re fully behind this decision), just make sure you’re 100 percent certain of your size — fit is particularly crucial when a bra lacks underwire, or you could end up compromising support.

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soft cup bras for large breasts

Parfait Adriana Lace Bralette P5482 | Parfait Adriana Bikini P5483 in Sky Blue

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Happy bra shopping!

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