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should you wear a bra to bed

Should you wear a bra to bed? During the day, a bra provides comfort and support, so it makes sense that some women would choose to wear a bra to bed. A bra contains breast tissue and offers lightweight support for tender or sore breasts.

It’s not uncommon to wear a lightweight bralette or wire-free bra to sleep during and after pregnancy, during their menstrual cycle, and after surgery.

Wearing a bra to bed can help alleviate breast discomfort while sleeping, keep you cool and comfortable, make it easier to breastfeed, and reduce friction.

Of course, the decision to wear a bra to bed is entirely up to you. You have to go with what is most comfortable for you.

If you do choose to wear a bra to sleep, here’s how to find a comfortable bra:

1.  Visit a local lingerie store

Unsure where to shop? Your local lingerie boutique is your best bet for a comfortable bra to sleep in. You’ll be wearing this bra for 5-8+ hours every night, so comfort is key. A bra fitter at a local lingerie store can help you find a lightweight style to wear to sleep. Plus, you’ll be able to try on the bras before you buy and take it home that day – which is just another benefit of shopping at a local store.

2.  Opt for a wireless bra

Wireless bras are among the most comfortable sleeping bras. In fact, it’s best not to wear a bra with underwire because the underwire can move and dig into skin as you move around in your sleep. Wired bras can also cause pain and discomfort and may do more damage than good to delicate breast tissue. If wearing a bra to bed is something you want to do, we recommend sleeping in a lightweight wireless bra, bralette, or stretchy sports bra with moisture-wicking fabric (a bra that you’d wear to a yoga class is typically a good choice).

3.  Bralettes work too

Looking for a little extra support at night? A bralette is an ideal option. Bralettes with lightly lined cups in soft materials like modal and stretch lace will be your go-to for a peaceful night’s sleep. Opt for a pullover style if you want something a little less restrictive or a bralette with a hook and eye closure if you feel you need more support.

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is it bad to wear a bra to bed

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4.  Get the right size

The key to a comfortable sleep bra is lightweight support. When choosing a bra to sleep in, make sure to buy one that’s not too tight. You don’t need the same level of support that you’d find in your every day bras or sports bras. A lightly lined bra will more than suffice.

For the fit, you want a bra band that gently hugs your rib cage and cups that contain your breast tissue without feeling constricting. The straps can be worn a little looser than your normal bra – you should be able to fit 2-3 fingers between your skin and the straps for a comfortable fit.

5.  Pay attention to the fabric

Never underestimate the fabric when it comes to comfort. Sleeping bras made of modal and cotton will be more comfortable than one made of mesh, for example. You want to choose a fabric that won’t irritate your skin while you’re sleeping. Avoid bras with excess seams and boning in the band (though you can always take the boning out yourself or have a seamstress do it if you fall in love with a boned style). When it comes to sleeping bras, simple is best. Opt for the bra that almost feels like you’re wearing nothing and rotate your bras so you’re not wearing the same one two nights in a row.

Should you wear a bra to bed? At the end of the day, the choice is yours.

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should i wear a bra to bed

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Happy bra shopping!

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