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where to donate bras

You don’t have to trash a bra just because it doesn’t work for you anymore. You could donate it instead. But not every old bra should be donated. So, how do you know when you should toss or donate old bras?

Let’s talk about it!

Signs You Should Toss A Bra

Whether you should toss or donate a bra depends on the condition of the bra. If you consider the bra to be worn out and don’t want to wear it, another woman won’t want to wear it either.

Here are four signs you toss your bra, not donate it:

1.  It has permanent stains.

Even if in good condition, no woman feels confident wearing a stained bra. (And, that’s probably the reason you want to toss the bra.) If a bra’s stains don’t come out when you wash it, you shouldn’t donate it.

2.  It’s broken.

Bras can break after years of being worn. A strap can come unsewn, underwire can pop out of the cups, hooks can break off of the band, etc. If your bra is damaged or broken, go ahead and recycle it. It won’t be able to fully support a bustline without all parts of the bra intact.

3.  It’s stretched.

A stretched bra can’t do its job well. You may notice that the bra cups have become flimsy or lost their shape. You may also notice the bra band is stretched out, not fitting as snugly as it once did. A bra must retain its original fit to support, lift and/or boost your breasts. Otherwise, it’s not it’s true, original size and won’t fit you or another woman well. So, a stretched bra shouldn’t be donated.

4.  The material is frayed or damaged.

Though frayed material seems cosmetic, it could signify the bra’s shelf life is coming to an end. Frayed material means that elastic – whether in the straps or bra band – is exposed or becoming exposed. Exposed elastic wears down quickly and becomes stretched. A bra that has frayed or damaged material isn’t in a quality condition to be donated.

It’s important to only donate quality bras. If your bra has any of the symptoms above, it’s a better match for the trash bin than the donation bin.

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Signs You Should Donate A Bra

A bra that is in good condition can usually be donated, even if it’s old.

Here are three signs your bra can be donated:

1.  It has no signs of wear and tear.

The first sign that your bra could be donated is that it has no signs of wear and tear. It shouldn’t be stretched, frayed, damaged or stained. It should look like it did when you bought it.

2.  It is still true to its size.

A bra must be true to its size to be donated. So, if it’s a 34B, it should still fit like a 34B.

3.  It no longer fits you.

Your bra size can fluctuate as you gain or lose weight. This means that a bra with few wears may no longer fit you. And that bra is a perfect candidate for donation. It’s likely in great condition, and you are only choosing to get rid of it because it doesn’t work for you.

So, is your bra a better fit for tossing or donating? In either case, there are drop-off and mail-in organizations that accept donated bras. Check out our list of best places to donate and recycle bras to find the best option for you. Just be sure to wash your bras before donating them!

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Happy bra shopping!

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