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should you put your bras in the dryer

You’ve heard that you shouldn’t toss your bras in the dryer. Is this fact or fiction? Fact! Drying your bras in the dryer is one of the greatest mistakes women make when laundering intimates. The best drying method for your bras is air-drying them. Using a dryer to dry your bras can be extremely harmful to your bras.

Here’s why you should think twice before tossing your bras into the dryer.

The heat damages the bra’s elastic.

The heat from a dryer can be very damaging to the elasticity of a bra. As the elastic heats up, it stretches. Using a dryer to dry bras can also be harmful to the underwire. When the underwire is exposed to extreme heat, it has more opportunity to pop or break. Never put bras in the dryer so the materials can remain in-tact.

The bra will lose its fit.

The bra loses its fit when the elastic stretches. Your bra stretches a little more every time you toss it in the dryer. This results in your bra no longer fitting you the way you need it to. Your bra doesn’t have to get stretched and replaced so often. Taking time to properly launder your bras helps them to fit you like the day you bought it.

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The clasp can get hung on other garments.

Tossing your bra in the dyer can lead to the bra’s clasp getting snagged on other items. This is not only harmful to the other garments, but it can damage the clasp itself, too. (And, a bra without a clasp is useless.) Of course, you could fasten the clasp to avoid it getting damaged. (This is the best way to wash bras, if you must use a washing machine.) However, clasp fastened or not, you should never dry bras in a dryer.

The dryer will shorten your bra’s lifespan.

A bra’s lifespan is instantly shortened when you don’t care for it properly. One of the best ways to extend your bra’s shelf life is to air-dry it. Air-drying will help the to retain the bra’s shape and preserve its delicate fabrics. Take a few minutes to organize your lingerie to further extend its lifespan as well. When it comes to preserving the quality, the way you store your bras is just as important as how you launder them.

Bras can last for several years when you treat them with care. And, making your bras last longer can be super helpful when bras aren’t inexpensive items. Appropriately laundering your bras will help them provide you with utmost support, while keeping their like-new qualities longer.

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