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what is the best wireless bra

Underwire versus wireless bras — it’s one of the most hotly debated topics in the world of undergarments. Wireless bras get a bad rap for having zero support, and underwire bras get a bad rap for being uncomfortable. But we’re here to tell you once and for all: Neither of those things is true.

There are pros and cons to each bra type, and deciding which is best for you depends on your specific needs (pertaining to your breast size and shape), lifestyle, and personal preferences. That said, it can be helpful to have both in your collection so that you have options to choose from.

So, if you’ve got an arsenal full of underwire bras, should you try going wireless? Here are some factors to consider:


There’s no doubt about it — non-underwire bras are super comfy. That’s not to say that underwire bras are uncomfortable. As long as they fit properly and are in good condition (as in, the underwire isn’t bent out of shape or poking you), they shouldn’t cause any pain or discomfort. But wireless bras inherently have less structure, meaning they kind of mold to your body in a highly inconspicuous way. That makes them phenomenal for lounging around at home, running casual errands on the weekend. If you’re a woman who prefers to sleep in a bra, wireless bras are obviously a great choice for this reason alone.

Speaking of comfort, wireless bras are great for women who have recently had surgery and are experiencing any breast tenderness or soreness. They also work super well for women late in their pregnancy or who have just given birth (when the breasts tend to be engorged or the size is fluctuating somewhat). Many nursing bras are wire-free, as some women find them to be a little more accommodating during this phase.

And if you thought there was just one style of wireless bra, think again. Wireless bras come in a bevy of options, from bralettespadded bras, unlined bras, full cup brasplunge bras, and molded bras. That means you’re bound to find a wireless bra that suits your needs.

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Here’s the thing about wireless bras. With underwire bras, there’s a thin strip of sturdy metal lining the bottom and sides of the bustline. That wire is able to provide a lot of support for your breasts. It can also help to give them a more lifted appearance. Women with heavy, pendulous or sagging breasts will likely benefit the most from this aspect.

Of course, non-underwire bras can still offer some support. In particular, wire-free bras that contain seamed cups (such as three-part cups), a sturdy underband, and any kind of inner engineering can lend some extra definition, lift, and shaping. Still, it’s tough to beat underwire on those fronts, because the wire does a lot of the heavy lifting.

This is why it can be advisable to choose sports bras with underwire for high-impact exercises, such as running or aerobics — especially if you’re full busted. Moreover, underwire bras are more effective in terms of separation than wire-free bras. Still, you can opt for wireless bras with separated cups to avoid the dreaded “uniboob” look.

Final thoughts

As you can see, there are far more pros than cons to wireless bras. The only real drawback to wire-free bras is that because they don’t have as much structure, they won’t be able to lift and shape your breasts quite as much. However, they are undeniably comfy, they can serve a variety of different purposes, and they come in a range of styles and sizes. In other words, there’s hardly any reason not to add one or two to your collection.

Believe us: on a lazy Sunday or a Friday night in, you’ll be happy to have the option to slip into a wire-free bra. That doesn’t mean you have to give up your beloved underwire bras — those certainly have their place (like on date night, for example).

While building a lingerie collection, you want to make sure you have a slew of styles to choose from so that no matter your mood, the occasion, or your ensemble, you have the perfect bra. And certainly, wireless bras have their own unique advantages that every woman, no matter her bra size, body type, or personal style, can enjoy.

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Happy bra shopping!

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