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what happens during a bra fitting

Many women that go bra shopping make the same mistake. Unfortunately, it’s a mistake that can cost you money and prevent you from finding a bra that truly works. The mistake I’m referring to is not getting a bra fitting when buying new bras. When you pass up the opportunity to get a bra fitting, you’re passing on valuable bra insight, too.

Let’s discuss why women don’t get a bra fitting, and why this mistake is detrimental to finding the best bra for you.

Why should I get a bra fitting?

There are several reasons women may not get fitted for a bra when bra shopping. One reason you may not get a fitting is simply because you’ve never had one. It can be intimidating to try something you’ve never tried before, and you may not even know where to start. Perhaps you just don’t know how a bra fitting works or that this service is even offered.

Some women pass on getting a bra fitting because it means having another person in your personal space. A lingerie professional measures your bust, and many times it requires you to remove your shirt. This can make some people uncomfortable.

One of the biggest reasons that I think women don’t get bra fittings is because they don’t realize how beneficial the bra fitting is. If you don’t know why something helpful, why would you give a shot? Right? So, let’s talk about the benefits of a bra fitting.

Why are bra fittings beneficial?

Bra fittings are essential to finding the right bra size. (In fact, I didn’t know I was wearing the wrong bra size until my first bra fitting.) If you’re buying new bras based on the “trial and error” method, you’ll likely never find your true size. That’s because many women don’t know what to look for in a good-fitting bra.

Wearing the right size bra also maximizes your comfort level. Wearing a bra that’s too small can be painful on your breasts, shoulders or back. On the other hand, wearing a bra that’s too big can be unflattering, while also not fully supporting your bust. To ensure you get the perfect, most comfortable bra fit, you must get a bra fitting.

Want to know what to expect at your first bra fitting? Read on.

Here’s what you need to know about bra fittings:

Many lingerie retailers offer bra fittings for free and without an appointment. However, making an appointment for a bra fitting can help you promptly get the assistance you need. A trained, lingerie professional will take a few measurements of your bust to determine your size. She may come into the dressing room with you, and she may ask you to remove some clothing. This ensures she gets the most accurate measurements possible.

After the fitting, she’ll provide you with various bra styles to try on to see what you like best. You can typically expect to spend at least a couple hours in the lingerie store when bra shopping. The fitting takes time, plus you don’t want to rush through finding the bra style like best. Once you determine a bra style, you can then try on a variety of colors and designs to find something that suits your personality. (If you didn’t make an appointment, expect to spend a little more time in the store.)

Gaining or losing just a few pounds can adjust your bra size. It’s best to get a bra fitting every few months to ensure you’re wearing the best bra size for your body. And of course, you should opt for a bra fitting every time you’re buying new bras.

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Have you ever had a bra fitting? Share your experience with us in the comments below!

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