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retro lingerie

Is it time to shake up your style and try something a tad different? If so, we may have just the thing for you right here. Trends may come and go, but there’s one timeless style which you can never overlook.

Retro lingerie is at once attractive and alluring, which has to be why so many women out there adore it. With so many adorable looks within this particular style, you should find that it’s one of the most versatile and beautiful out there. Not convinced? Well, you’ve come to the right place.

Here are seven reasons retro lingerie rocks!

1.  You can’t beat classic style

Face it — there’s something utterly delightful about classic style. Pairing a well-fitted longline bra with some hipster briefs is a surefire way to create a winning look every day of the week. Our Sandrine collection really is the perfect example of this; luscious materials meet gorgeous cuts for the ideal trend. Choosing pieces that pay homage to the traditional lingerie style means that you will always have something that is truly unique and special.

2.  It is a celebration of your silhouette

Looking for a way to celebrate your body and silhouette? Well, you may want to start with your lingerie. Investing in some high waisted pieces and pairing them with something chic like a contour bra will work well with any figure. It’s all about adoring your shape and showing it some love with some extra special pieces. Feeling wonderful and empowered in your lingerie is one of the most glorious things in the world. That’s why you simply must try a range of lingerie styles until you find the one that is your dream style.

3.  Retro lingerie goes with anything

There are few outfits in the world that can’t be improved by slipping some retro lingerie beneath them. When it comes to choosing your underwear for special occasions, be certain to go for pieces that make you feel confident and sexy. You deserve nothing less than that. Slipping on some lingerie sets that scream classic sophistication is certain to make you feel like a fierce woman. Remember, there are no rules when it comes to choosing your own personal brand of style. You get to do what makes you feel on top of the worth. Anything else just will not do.

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plus size retro lingerie

Parfait Charlotte Padded Bra 6901 | Parfait High-Waist Brief 6917 in Red/Black

4.  It’s always super feminine

Want to add a little pizazz to your lingerie game? Well, adding a sprinkling of retro charm may just be the way forward for you. If you’re looking for something that’s ultra feminine, you could always try something different like a traditional babydoll set. These types of lingerie are really special and will help you take things to the next level in a serious way. Should you have never tried one of these beauties before now, it could be your time. Go ahead and put on something that makes you feel womanly and gorgeous — just like really you are.

5.  Throwback style is making a comeback

In case you haven’t heard, throwback style is making a real comeback. People are absolutely obsessed with all things vintage and retro. Frankly, it makes a whole lot of sense. The classic styles of eras past are really quite stunning. It’s no real wonder that people would want to emulate these styles in their own wardrobes. But wait, why should you stop when it comes to your underwear?

6.  Highwaist briefs are flattering

Fancy some retro treats? Highwaisted briefs could be the way to go. This particular style of underwear suits most any person and always looks flattering. There’s no way that you won’t look absolutely fabulous in a pair of these. Many women out there find that they adore this style and this aesthetic, which is a major part of the whole retro lingerie fashion. That’s why it could be a perfect addition to any wardrobe. Choosing a pair of these beauties for special occasions or even for day-to-day wear could be the way to unleash a newfound femininity. So, why not try it for yourself?

7.  You can’t go wrong with lace

Could your underwear be improved with a little lace? That’s a silly question — of course, it could. Lace is a classic look, which means that it will basically never go out of style. Choosing a stunning piece made out of this material is a great way to elevate your look and show the world what you’ve got. For example, you may find that treating yourself to some glorious lace hipsters makes you feel a million dollars. The point is that these trends which were oh-so-pleasing back when they first came out still look great.

So, what are you waiting for? There’s a whole load of reasons that women just like you adore the whole retro style and you really cannot argue with them. Changing your go-to look doesn’t always have to mean going for something that you’ve never seen before. Sometimes, it’s all about taking a little much-needed style inspiration from the past. You never know, it could be just the thing to change your lingerie fashion in the future.

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Happy bra shopping!

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