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resistance bands 2 - Resistance Bands

Who has the time to work on their Summer body? Seems like every year I’m postponing the flat stomach, but not this year. I discovered new at-home routines that don’t require a treadmill nor Stairmaster!

I like to hit the outdoors for a nice jog on the weekends; however, after coming home from work, the last thing I want to do is swap my heels for sneakers. I’ve got a few at-home routines that don’t require much stress on your body. Before getting down to business, it’s important to know your focus points. Which part of your body needs some toning? I like to focus on my upper body, like arms. After all, I run on weekends to tone my legs.

I was recently introduced to resistance bands. You can tone your entire body with these elastic babies – and at any time: after tucking your children into bed, while speaking on the phone or during your favorite T.V. show!

couple resistance bands exercise

Here’s a great resistance band beginners work-out that’ll really get your heart pumping. Resistance Bands range from $10 – $30, on Amazon. Now we really have no excuse to stay fit!

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