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Lingerie Styling Tips 5 Classy Ways to Incorporate Lingerie into Your Street Style - Lingerie Styling Tips: 5 Classy Ways to Wear Lingerie as Outerwear

Fashion trends are forever changing. But there’s one trend we love that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere: wearing lingerie as outerwear. Did you think your lingerie was only for you and your significant other? Think again! You can pair lingerie with every day fashion staples for a classy, feminine and trendy look.

Here are five of our favorite ways to incorporate lingerie into your street style:

1.  Wear a bralette as an accessory.

Accessories are meant to boost an outfit, and bralettes can do just that. Many bralettes have intricate detailing and unique designs, making them a perfect accessory. We especially love bralettes under drop armhole tank tops. You could go without a bra for a teasing glimpse at your side. Or, you could opt for a bralette to add a little extra detail to your style. (Plus, you won’t have to worry about any goodies accidentally making their debut.) The best part? Bralettes come in various styles, so you can choose whether you want to feel edgy, sporty, dainty – you get it.

 2.  Wear a silk robe as outerwear.

Your robe is so comfortable that you want to live in it, right? You can! (In fact, singer Rachel Patton recently wore a silk robe with silk pants during her performance on Good Morning America.) An untied, midi-length silk robe looks chic accompanied by a simple top, skinny jeans and heels. Or, slide into some black pants, tie the robe and throw your hair into top bun for a sleek, yet quick, go-to look.

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 3.  Wear a chemise as a dress.

We want cool fabrics in the hot months, and we want to layer fabrics in the cooler months. Your nighties can help achieve both of these styles! Floor length nighties are great for the warmer months, and the numerous patterns available make your nightie look just like a dress. (Except you’ll keep cool with breathable, light fabrics.) When it begins to cool down, opt for a shorter nightie and partner it with a jean jacket and boots. Regardless of how you wear the nightie, I guarantee you’ll feel sexy when the soft fabric brushes against your skin.

4.  Wear a teddy as a bodysuit.

Many bodysuits look like lingerie. So, why not wear your lingerie as your bodysuit? Teddies come in a variety of styles and colors, and they look stylish and sexy when paired with high-waisted pants or jeans. You can even add a leather jacket or a blazer for a more complete look. Of course, teddies offer the same benefits as a bodysuit. So, your feminine style will stay flawless all night long.

 5.  Wear a chemise or a camisole as a blouse.

You don’t have to wear a bodysuit to not worry about your shirt coming untucked. When you wear a chemise as a blouse, you’ll have plenty of material to tuck in, alleviating the need to “check and adjust the tuck” throughout the day. A mid-thigh chemise is the perfect addition tucked into trouser jeans. Many have lace or beading along the neckline, providing subtle, feminine details. Complement this style with a loose cardigan sweater when it’s chilly, and you have the perfect fall outfit (in or out of the office!)

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Your lingerie has many uses aside from being worn in the bedroom or worn as under garments. From lacy bralettes and teddys to silk robes, your lingerie has a place in your everyday style. And with a little creative styling, you can easily wear lingerie as outerwear and take your outfit to the next level.


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