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bachelorette party gift ideas

It’s very common to throw a lingerie shower for a bride-to-be. The lingerie shower can be part of the bachelorette party, or it can stand as an event on its own. But gifting lingerie – like bras, panties, chemises or teddies – to other women can be tricky. Some women prefer to try on lingerie before buying it and would rather not receive lingerie gifts they may need to return.

Here are some lingerie shower gift ideas:

Sexy pajamas

A bachelorette lingerie shower is about giving a bride-to-be gifts that make her feel beautiful and confident – and that she’ll want show-off to her new spouse. So, sexy pajamas are a great fit. Some ideas would be a silk nightie, a camisole and shorts set or even a long sleeve shirt and pants set. As long as you stick to the bride-to-be’s style, you can’t go wrong.


A robe is an excellent lingerie shower gift idea. And there are many options for you to choose from. Whether the woman you’re buying for would like a lacy see-through robe or a warm, plush robe, options are endless.


Stockings are a fun accessory for bachelorette lingerie. Sometimes, we don’t think of buying stockings for ourselves, so this is a gift many bachelorettes would love. If you don’t plan on buying a garter belt, or if you’re unsure if the she has one already, buy stockings with elastic on the thighs. The elastic is on the inside of the thigh area and helps keep the stockings up on your thighs without a garter belt.

Bra travel container

Bra travel containers are handy because they keep your bras in an ideal position during travel. They allow bra cups to remain in their round position so they don’t lose their shape. A bra travel container makes a great bachelorette gift idea since the bride-to-be will likely be traveling on a honeymoon. Whether she packs bikini tops or bras in the container, she’ll have peace of mind knowing her intimate items can’t get damaged.

Sensual products

I love giving at least one sensual product at a lingerie shower because the bride may not think to buy these items herself. These products can range from pheromone perfumes to lubrications. You could also consider buying fun, travel-sized items for the couple to use on the honeymoon.

Bath accessories

If your bachelorette loves a good bath, bath accessories may be the perfect lingerie shower gift. Give her a bath basket with items she’ll love to pamper herself with. You could include bubble bath, lotion, Epsom salts, face masks, bath bombs, candles or wine. A little relaxation will do her a lot of good – whether it’s before the wedding or after she gets back from her honeymoon.

Date night at home kit

The bachelorette will want to parade all of her new lingerie gifts for her new spouse. And what better way to do that than with a date night at home! Your date night at home gift basket could include the couple’s drink of choice, sweets, a candle and a sensual game. Two of my favorite sensual games are Love or Lust and Date Night.

Lingerie set

If you do want to buy the bachelorette true lingerie, a matching lingerie set is a great gift idea! Many women don’t buy their lingerie in sets, so she’d appreciate having beautiful and matching intimates. This white, lacey set is dainty, sexy and perfect for a bride-to-be. And remember, just because it’s a bachelorette lingerie shower doesn’t you must gift white lingerie. This longline bra with floral embroidery and matching hipster panty, for instance, is feminine and can be worn before or after the wedding.

Don’t be worried if you don’t want to give bridal lingerie at a lingerie shower! Think about what would make the bride feel confident and beautiful as she starts the next chapter of her life. Keep her personality and preference top of mind, and you’ll find the perfect gift.


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