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wearing wrong bra size

I was 26 the first time I was fitted for a bra.

Up until that point, I bought bras that I thought were my size by using my three-test theory.

First, I tried on the bra and made sure I liked the way my breasts looked in it.

Secondly, I made sure it didn’t give me that lump of side boob by my underarms.

If the bra passed both tests, I would then put my shirt on to ensure my silhouette was smooth. And if the bra checked that box too, I’d buy it. It was a simple strategy that worked. Yet, I never felt sexy or confident when my shirt came off.

 Am I Wearing The Wrong Bra Size

I was wearing the wrong size bra and didn’t even know it.

I thought the annoyances I had with my bras were normal. 

There was a gap between the bra and my skin towards the top of my breast. If I was standing with perfect posture, the gap wasn’t there, but if I sat, the gap was always there.

When I sat in the car, worked at my desk or bent over, I would feel the bra extend away from my body. I could actually fit a few fingers in that gap! It didn’t bother me too much though because it couldn’t be seen.

But that changed when I took my shirt off.

When my husband and I would undress after a night out, I’d almost immediately remove my bra after removing my shirt. Or, if we had a romantic moment while getting ready in the morning, I preferred not being in my bra.

Having extra space in my bra wasn’t sexy, and it made me feel the same – unsexy. I would rather be in front of my husband with no bra than a bra that didn’t hug my body the way I wanted.

I wanted to feel sexy in my bra. I wanted to undress confidently knowing my bra would stay in place and do its job.

I decided enough was enough, and I went to a lingerie store to be fitted.

I’d been wearing size 34B bras, and to my surprise, I measured at a 32C. I had even recently lost weight, so I couldn’t fathom that I would need a C cup.

The store associate then brought me several different types of bras, all size 32C, and they all fit. Every single one. I sat, stood, raised my arms and bent over, and the bra didn’t budge. I was in complete shock!

I bought two of the bras – along with some new panties to accompany them – and excitedly drove home.

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how to get a proper fitting bra

My new bras gave me a new confidence.

I consider myself a confident person, but I had no idea that a bra would boost my confidence.

I loved how my body looked in these new bras, and I felt great in them. Truthfully, I felt empowered because having a bra that fit made me feel “put together.” I could sit in traffic or in a meeting knowing that my bra was clinging to me comfortably. I could tidy up my house without feeling the bra separate from my body as I moved around. But most importantly, I became even more confident when I undress. My bra just sat there, cupping my breasts, letting them steal the show.

I now love to be in my bra and panties while getting ready or undressing after the day. When my husband pulls me in for a hug or onto his lap for a kiss, I know my breasts look as good in my bra as I feel. And when I’m away with girlfriends, I don’t feel shy about how my bra looks on my body. I can change clothes in front of them without ever having to adjust my bra.

I can’t believe I went 26 years wearing the wrong size bra. I don’t wait around if I feel like my bra size has changed now. I’m quick to get remeasured and buy new bras if needed because this type of confidence is something I don’t ever want to go without.

how to tell if your bra fits

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Happy bra shopping!

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