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how to wear off the shoulder tops with bra

Are you shopping for a bra to wear with a tricky neckline? We love our backless, strapless, and off the shoulder tops and dresses, but finding a bra to wear underneath can be challenging.

An off the shoulder neckline is one of the most flattering and versatile styles. If you’re not showing off your shoulders, you should be! Off the shoulder tops look stunning on all body types – from the slimmest of figures to the most voluptuous of silhouettes.

So what type of bra should you wear with an off the shoulder top? Read on for the answer – and our essential tips for getting the best fit.

What bra should you wear with an off the shoulder top?

Strapless bras are the best bra style to wear under an off the shoulder top. Strapless bras like the Deco Wire-Free Strapless Bra and Nouveau Strapless Bra work perfectly under strapless and off the shoulder tops and dresses.

How should a strapless bra fit?

Like most bras, the majority of their support comes from the bra band. The biggest difference between t-shirt bras and strapless bras is that strapless bras lack straps. If the bra band accounts for 80-85% of a bra’s support, then the straps contribute to the other 15-20%. This is one of the reasons why many women find their regular bras to be more supportive than their strapless bras – and why they can’t seem to find a strapless bra that stays up and in place all day long.

A strapless bra should fit snug, without feeling uncomfortable.

You should be able to move without the bra band sliding down your back. Your breast tissue should completely fill the cups without spilling over the sides or out of the bottom or top of the cup. You should feel comfortable and supported. If the inside of the bra band and cups have silicone tape, the tape should lightly adhere to your skin to keep the band and cups in place.

what bra should i wear with off shoulder

What does a supportive strapless bra look like?

Supportive strapless bras have wide bra bands that are often lined with a sturdy fabric like power mesh. Their multi-hook closures fasten in the back. The wide width of the bra band provides key stability and support for large cup sizes.

What’s the difference between strapless bras and longline bustiers?

Strapless bras typically stop a few inches above your waistline. They can be worn with strapless and off the shoulder tops and dresses. Strapless bras may be constructed with or without underwire. Coverage and comfort can vary depending on the style. The most popular strapless bras have molded cups and beautiful details – like lace, embroidery, or a stunning floral print – making them a staple piece for any lingerie wardrobe.

Longline bustiers may stop at the waistline or go all the way down to the hips. Longline bustiers can be found in strapless silhouettes, making them an ideal choice for low back and strapless dresses. This style typically has cups with underwire and plastic boning for smooth shaping. Some longline bustiers look more like shapewear than lingerie. Many women love the nipped in waist and curve-enhancing fit that a longline bustier provides.

which bra to wear with off shoulder top

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Happy bra shopping!

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