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how to wash swimsuits

No woman is excited to put extra effort into laundering her delicates. Yet, we do it because it preserves the quality of those nice items. And swimsuits are no different. Just like lingerie and other delicates, swimsuits will look new longer if you take time to properly launder them. So, you’ll want to think twice before tossing your swimsuits into the washer or dryer after wearing them.

Here’s the best way to wash and dry your swimsuits:

Hand wash in the sink.

It’s best to hand-wash your swimsuits in the sink instead of using the washing machine. Fill your sink with cold water and a little mild laundry detergent. Let the swimsuit soak in the wash for about 30 minutes.

It’s important to use cold water, not hot water, when washing your swimsuits. Hot water can be damaging to a swimsuit’s materials, causing it to age faster. (That’s also why we recommend reserving one of your older swimsuits for hot tubs.)

If you can’t hand wash, use a mesh lingerie bag in the washer.

Refrain from using the washer and dryer for laundering your swimsuits. If you’ve no option but to use the washer, use a mesh lingerie bag. Machine cycles can be harsh, but the mesh bag keeps the swimsuit contained. The mesh material allows water to flow freely while protecting the suit against other items in the machine. So, you won’t have to worry about straps getting tangled with other items in the wash.

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how to wash swimsuit

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Use a towel to absorb excess water.

Don’t wring out your swimsuit after removing it from the sink. This is can also be harmful to the suit’s fabric and fit. Instead, you’ll want to use a towel to absorb the excess water. Removing excess water before letting the swimsuit dry helps it to dry quicker. You can roll your swimsuit into a towel or lay towels above and beneath your swimsuit. Then, press into the towel so it can absorb that water.

Lay the swimsuit flat to airdry.

Let your swimsuits airdry on a flat surface. This keeps the swimsuit’s weight distributed evenly, so the suit doesn’t become stretched. Just make sure that the surface will not snag the swimsuit. It’s a good idea to use a towel between the surface and the swimsuit.

You’ll never want to hang your swimsuits to dry. Hanging swimsuits to dry requires the swimsuit to hold its own weight. And, it must hold even more weight when it’s wet. This causes the swimsuit to stretch. For example, hanging a bra-like swimsuit by its straps will stretch the straps. You don’t want that because the straps help hold the swimsuit in place! Or, perhaps you’re used to hanging swimsuit bottoms on a pants clothes hanger to dry. This will stretch them, and you’ll get that unflattering saggy bottom look.

You also want to always avoid drying swimsuits in the dryer. The high heat damages the elastic in your swimsuit. The swimsuit will lose its original fit and shape after heating up and cooling down from the dyer.

We recommend always hand-washing your suits to keep them looking new and fitting well. Because a good-fitting swimsuit is the key to feeling confident when wearing it.

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washing swimsuits

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Happy swimsuit shopping!

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