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how to throw a lingerie shower

So you’ve been tasked with planning a lingerie shower for the bride-to-be. This particular kind of shower has become increasingly popular, and it makes a lot of sense — it provides the bride with unmentionables she’s sure to use on her honeymoon and beyond, and offers a fun, memorable bonding experience for all involved. While a lingerie shower has some aspects in common with the traditional kind of shower (food, gifts, games), it demands some special considerations.

Take these tips into account during the shower planning process and it’s sure to be a stress-free soiree.


Choosing the right venue is key — after all, the bride is going to be opening potentially racy underthings, so you want to be sure that it’s an environment in which she and all her guests feel comfortable enough to let loose and enjoy themselves. This is why lingerie showers are very often hosted at the home of the bride, maid of honor or another bridesmaid.

Some lingerie boutiques offer the option of hosting these kinds of events, so that’s another option if you’re planning a smaller, more intimate gathering. And if you go that route, the bride can try on some sets while her guests sip some champagne. As an added bonus, with this approach, guests can avoid all the guesswork with gifts and purchase pieces she picks during the event.


Don’t get overwhelmed by selecting a theme for the shower — it can be as simple as considering the bride-to-be’s favorite colors and prints for the tableware, decorations and other elements. However, you can also certainly opt for a more elaborate theme.

For example, a Parisian motif (think lots of Eiffel Towers) is always romantic, complete with cheese plates, macarons, and other French finger foods, of course. Or, you could opt for a retro pinup themed party, hanging vintage posters and encouraging guests to come dolled up in 1940s-esque attire and hairstyles.

Planning a late morning or early afternoon shower? A brunch theme will do — simply set up a custom mimosa bar and ask guests to come in their PJs. If you’re still stumped for ideas, Pinterest is a great place to do some research. Ultimately, the key with the theme is to make sure it’s something that lines up with the bride’s style, and that you keep it consistent across the board from the invitations to the decor.

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Whether you choose to do traditional paper invites or e-vites, you’ll want to send them out at least six weeks in advance to ensure guests can mark their calendars and moreover, RSVP so you have an accurate headcount while planning. It’s worth noting that the majority of lingerie showers are a ladies only affair, for obvious reasons, but the invite list always comes down the bride’s preferences. In addition to the basics such as time, location and theme, you may want to give attendees a tip on what kind of gifts to bring (frilly, funny, elegant, etc.).

Most importantly, though, you’ll want to include the bride’s sizing in both bras and panties — that way, you’ll reduce the chances she has to return something. We recommend including this info on a separate insert to be discreet. You can also make suggestions on where to shop if you know your girlfriend’s favorite spots.

Since it’s up to you to provide the invitees with as much helpful info as possible, you may want to do a shopping trip with the bride to a local lingerie store so you can get to know what she likes, including cuts, colors, and fabrics.

Does she lean toward neutral lacy longline bras, or does she prefer push-up bras in vibrant colors? Is she the kind of woman who lives in thongs, or prefers more full-coverage hipsters? Consider having her compile a wishlist. This makes picking out gifts a lot easier for guests.


A lingerie shower doesn’t have to be all about gift-opening — having a few games on the itinerary, like tried-and-true Bridal Bingo, is a great way to keep guests engaged.

Have guests bring a piece of lingerie from their own collections, and as the bride removes them from a bag, everyone can guess which piece belongs to which attendee (there are bound to be some surprises as to who owns what!). Prizes like candles, massage oils or lip gloss can be awarded to the winners who guess correctly.

Set up a guestbook and encourage guests to write down one creative date night idea, or one piece of advice for the couple — these will be fun for the bride to read after the party is over. You could also set up a DIY manicure station, and while attendees’ nails are drying, they can quiz the bride on her knowledge of the groom-to-be with questions you’ve printed out ahead of time.

Now that you have some ideas for your lingerie shower, it’s time to get planning — but armed with this inspiration, you’re certain to throw one the bride will never forget.

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