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How To Tell If Your Bra Is Too Small

Wearing a bra that is too small for you isn’t comfortable. You may think the discomfort is simply from wearing the bra, but it could be because your bra is too small. We’ve covered how to tell if you’re wearing the wrong bra size. However, let’s discuss specifically how you’ll know if you need a bigger bra.

Here’s how to tell if your bra is too small: 

Your boobs pop out of the cups.

Some “side boob” in a bra can be normal. However, a lot of “spillover” is a sign that you need a bigger bra. You may be popping out of the tops of the cups, on the side of the cups or even under the underwire. If you experience this degree of spillover, you need a bigger cup size.

There’s a gap between the center of the bra and your chest.

The center of the bra between your breasts is called the “gore.” The gore is important because it helps to keep the front of the bra in place. A gap between the gore and your chest signifies that your bra band is too small. Because the band is so tight, it rides up, leaving that gap. And, the gap clearly shows that your bra isn’t supporting your sufficiently. Try going up a band size to get rid of that space.

The underwire pokes you.

Underwire isn’t meant to be painful or uncomfortable. However, if the underwire is poking you, you’ll want a bigger cup size. Larger cups will provide more space for your breasts, so the underwire isn’t pushing up against them.

Your back bulges around the band.

Back bulge is another sign that your bra is too small. Of course, bras with very thin bands may squeeze more since the band has less skin to hold on to. However, the average bra shouldn’t make you feel like you have excess back fat. If your bra is giving you a back bulge, it’s likely because the band is too small. Try going up a band size.

Your upper body hurts.

A bra that is too small compresses your upper body. It squeezes your back, and it squeezes your beasts. Overtime, this type of compression can make your upper body hurt. If your neck, shoulders or back hurt, it’s a good idea to get a bra fitting to determine your exact bra size. Many stores offer professional bra fittings free of charge. And, if you’ve never had a bra fitting, do not be intimidated the process! You’ll be working with a skilled professional who knows the ins and outs of lingerie.

Bras aren’t intended to cause you discomfort. In fact, they’re supposed to do the exact opposite. Bras take pressure off your shoulders and back by fully supporting your breasts. And when you find the right sized bra, you’ll feel lighter and so comfortable – in your skin and in your bra.

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Happy bra shopping!

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