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washing swimsuits

As summer temperatures begin to fall, wardrobes begin to transition. And, that means you’ll soon be moving your swimsuits out and your sweaters in. But, don’t just toss your swimsuits in a box that will live in the basement for the next six months. Take a few extra steps to keep your suits looking fresh and clean for next season.

Here’s the best way to store your swimsuits in the fall and winter:

Wash them properly

Wash your swimsuits before you put them away for the off season. This removes any chlorine or sunscreen from that could fade the material. Washing your suits also removes sweat, body oils, etc. that rub onto the suits each time you wear them. It’s natural for your swimsuits to be exposed to sweat, but extended exposure can be damaging to the suit.

How to wash swimsuits

The best way to wash your swimsuits is by hand in the sink. You can fill the sink with water and delicate detergent, then allow the suits to soak. After letting the suit soak, rinse it to remove the laundry detergent.

If you must use a washing machine, insert your swimsuit into a lingerie mesh bag before tossing it into the wash. This prevents the suit from getting tangled or snagged on other items. You’ll also want to use a gentle laundry detergent and set the washer on the gentlest cycle.

Use a towel to absorb excess water

After washing your swimsuit, place it on a towel and use another towel to absorb the extra water. Simply press the towel onto the suit to rid it of excess water from the wash. Never wring your swimsuits out after washing them or you risk stretching and harming the elastic.

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Let them air-dry

Don’t dry your swimsuits (or lingerie) in your machine dryer. Instead, let your swimsuits air-dry on a surface. This allows the swimsuit to dry evenly so it retains its shape. Hanging the swimsuit to dry – whether by its straps or draping it over a hanger – will stretch the suit. The water makes your swimsuit heavier, which will stretch the material and elastic as it hangs to dry.

The same goes for bikini bottoms. Hanging swimsuit bottoms, such as with a pants hanger, to dry expands the waistband of the suit. Laying your suits flat to dry ensures they’ll fit snugly and properly next summer.

Don’t store them in bags.

I bet where you store your swimsuits doesn’t seem too significant. As long as they’re closed up in a box, what’s the harm? Right? Nope! Your swimsuits should be stored a climate-controlled area, like your bedroom or a ventilated closet. This means attics, basements or non-ventilated closets are off limits.

It’s also important to never store your swimsuits in a plastic bag, even if you are storing them in your room. The plastic bag is susceptible to trapping moisture, which could harm the swimsuit’s fabric. Instead, enclose them in a in fabric garment bag to keep moisture out.


Good swimsuits don’t come cheap. And swimsuit styles can stay in-style for years. So, why not take some precautions to keep your suits looking their best and fitting you perfectly as long as possible? Proper laundering and storing – both in season and in the off-season – can extend your suit’s shelf life for years.

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Happy swimsuit shopping!

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