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lingerie shower

For decades, brides-to-be have been pampered before their big day via a shower, at which friends and family can gather and gift her some special items to enjoy during this exciting new phase of married life. But more and more brides are opting to either supplement or replace the traditional shower with a lingerie shower. And who can blame them? A lingerie shower presents the perfect opportunity for a bride to collect some stunning new underpinnings — which will obviously come in handy on the honeymoon, wedding night, and well beyond.

If you’ve been tasked with planning a lingerie shower, you may have many questions about how to go about preparing for this memorable event.

Don’t fret — in this guide, we’ll cover all the basics on planning a lingerie shower that’s fun not just for the bride, but for each and every guest, too.

Start with the logistics

There are several important elements you need to know before you start the planning process: The date, time, and location, for the shower, and the guest list.

Most of the time, a shower will be held three weeks to two months before the wedding. The date will clearly depend on the venue availability, among other factors, and if there are bridesmaids and other guests coming from out of town, it might be more convenient/budget-friendly to hold the shower close to the wedding. As for the venue, a lingerie shower is typically held at someone’s home for obvious reasons (privacy), but you could also host it at a local lingerie boutique. The important thing is that it’s a location where the bride will feel 100 percent comfortable unwrapping some intimates.

Craft some cute invitations

First thing’s first: You’ll need to get the bride’s lingerie sizes. That includes her bra cup and band size, panty size, and what size (XS-XL) she wears in items like bodysuits, teddies, babydolls, and robes. You’ll include an insert with her sizes inside the invitation so that guests can ensure they buy items that fit her. The bride may even want to start a registry specifically for lingerie so that guests can shop from items on her wishlist. If she does, include a link to that registry in the invitation as well.

As for designing the invitations, the possibilities are endless. If the shower is going to have a theme (bras and brunch, anyone?), that’s something you may want to consider incorporating into the invitation design. Or, you could integrate lingerie-themed elements. For example, an invitation that laces up on the front like a corset is a cute visual that perfectly captures the nature of the shower.

Remember: You should be sending invites out at least two months before the event. That way, attendees have plenty of time to mark their calendars, make any travel arrangements if need be, and request off from work if that’s required.

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how to throw a lingerie shower

Have a loose itinerary

Don’t stress — you don’t have to plan out every minute of a lingerie shower. That said, you should have a basic plan for how it’s going to go to avoid any awkward lulls.

Make sure you have an idea of how the shower is going to kick off (perhaps a game that helps everyone get to know each other, or a mimosa toast?). You should also have a plan for when gifts will be opened, and who will be responsible for keeping track of the items by making a list for the bride. If the conversation is free-flowing and people are enjoying socializing amongst themselves, you can always veer from your plan. However, it’s always a good idea to have a few backup ideas just in case — like pin the panty on the bride, lingerie-themed Mad Libs — that you can pull out when guests appear bored or aimless.

Get creative with decorations

Especially if you’re hosting the lingerie shower in someone’s home, you can have a ton of fun with the decorations. For example, you could make a homemade garland by hanging up panties by clothespins on a ribbon, rope, or wire along the wall. Throw pillows, table runners, and other decor with elements of satin and lace will help add to the lingerie vibe. And even simple touches, like leaving scented sachets of lavender for the ladies to take home and toss in their lingerie drawers, can go a long way.

As for the food and beverages, you can easily tailor the menu to the lingerie concept. For example, if you’re doing a shower at brunch time, pancakes and panties is a simple idea the guests are bound to love. Or, if you’re doing a shower in the evening, consider making all of the libations lingerie-themed (bustier bellinis, push-up punch, etc.). You can also easily decorate cupcakes, cake, or cookies with lingerie-inspired designs.

Planning a lingerie shower may require a notable amount of time and effort, but it should also be an enjoyable task. As long as you draw up a solid itinerary, incorporate creative touches in keeping with the theme, and keep the bride’s preferences in mind every step of the way, you’re sure to plan a shower she never forgets.

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what is a lingerie bridal shower

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