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how to pack bras

Whether you’re going away on vacation for a quick weekender to Boston or a week-long trip to Bali, at least a few pairs of bras and panties are essential. It’s remarkable, though, how much room small underthings can end up taking up in your luggage. And besides that, there’s another consideration to take into account: Properly packing your bras is crucial to their longevity.

Luckily, we have a few smart packing strategies you can use to save space while also keeping them in tip-top condition — which is especially crucial if you’re carrying on and need to maximize a small suitcase.

Pack Moulded Bras The Right Way

First thing’s first: Make sure to fasten the hook-and-eye closure on any bras you’re packing. That way, they won’t catch the fabric of your other garments, potentially causing snags.

With molded bras, your best bet is to stack bras in front of each other (like in the picture below). This is the easiest way to save room while also ensuring they maintain their shape. Better yet, tuck pairs of panties (or socks) inside the cups. This allows you to utilize space that would have otherwise been wasted, while also keeping the cups from folding inward, creasing, wrinkling, or bending.

Roll Your Bralettes, Sports Bras, and Underwear

There’s no doubt that rolling your clothes is the best method for fitting more items in your suitcase — that’s why it’s the go-to method for those in the military as well as flight attendants. While rolling molded bras isn’t a good idea, you can certainly use this tactic with unlined bralettes and sports bras that have no underwire or padded cups. As an added benefit, rolling these pieces makes them less likely to get wrinkled, and won’t leave any creases from folding.

Use A Plastic or Reusable Bag To Keep Intimates Separated

Consider sliding your non-padded bras, bralettes, and underwear into a plastic storage bag. If you squeeze the air out of the bag before sealing it you’ll save a little room. However, you may also want to leave a little air in the bag to prevent the bras from getting flattened by other garments laying on top of them in your luggage. The easiest way to avoid this problem, though, is to simply save your delicates for last, packing bras on the very top of your suitcase.

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 how to pack bras in a suitcase

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Pack Only What You’ll Need

Of course, the best way to save space in your suitcase is to avoid overpacking by carefully considering which bras you’ll actually wear on your trip. So be sure to keep several factors in mind: activities you’ll be doing, the length of your trip and the outfits you’re bringing.

If for example, you’re going to be attending a lot of formal dinners, you’re more likely to need a seamless convertible bra that will work with a variety of cocktail dresses. On the other hand, an active getaway obviously calls for more sports bras, while an ultra-versatile T-shirt bra will be useful for casual afternoons doing some sightseeing and other touristy activities.

Knowing how many days you’ll be away for, figure out how many days of wear you can get out of each bra so you have a sufficient number to rotate throughout the vacation.

Consider If You’ll Be Able To Do Laundry On Your Trip

Another factor to consider is whether or not you’ll be able to do laundry on your trip because you’ll definitely need to pack more if not. Lastly, choose bras in colors that are going to work under the tops and dresses you’re bringing. For example, a nude bra is essential if you’re bringing a white top.

Follow these foolproof methods and your underthings will not only take up less space in your luggage, but they’ll also be in optimal condition when you remove them upon arrival — we call that a win-win.

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Happy bra shopping!

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