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how to store bras

Do you stuff all your bras and lingerie into an overpacked drawer? Should you be guilty of this sin against fashion, it’s time to do something about it. Set aside a little time and tackle the task head-on.

You well may wonder how to organize your bras so that they last a long time. Here’s everything that you need to know about how to get it right: 

Step 1: Sort out your lingerie

The first step in organizing your lingerie is perhaps the hardest. You’re going to need to set aside at least an hour for this task, especially if you have a lot of lingerie already. It’s time to sort out what bras you actually have. If you have any that are the wrong size or worn out, you’re going to need to throw them out or recycle them.

Sometimes, we tend to hold onto pieces of lingerie that we no longer wear. Doing so is a mistake. Be as brutal as you can when it comes to choosing pieces that are not worthy of space in your drawers. If you haven’t worn something in three months or longer, the chances are that you never will. It could be time to wave goodbye.

Step 2: Create a staple wardrobe

Now that you’ve stripped your lingerie collection down, you can work on creating a stable wardrobe. Every woman needs a least decent array of bras to serve every occasion. Make sure that you have a high-quality t-shirt, full-cup, demi-cup, push-up, and strapless bra. If you’re missing out on a couple of these, it could be time to make a serious investment.

Choosing high-end pieces from trusted brands will ultimately save you money in the long run. The fact of the matter is that when you pick quality products, you can be certain that they will stand the test of time. That’s why scrimping on your lingerie is a truly terrible habit. If you happen to be guilty of it, it’s time to change your ways.

Step 3: User drawer dividers

Next, let’s take a moment to talk about how you plan to store your bras and bralettes. One of the best tips you will ever get is to use drawer dividers. If you don’t have some of these already, you need to run out and get some right now. Most home stores stock these things and they can be supremely useful when you need them. The dividers will help you to section off your drawers, which means that you can store your bras separately.

When you have installed the dividers, you can start putting your bras back into the drawers. Ensure that you fold the bras so that each of them has enough room. The cups should lay flat on top of one another. Don’t cram them in; give them space. Avoid forcing the fabric in any way at all. Doing so will only mean that it pulls and gets worn out.

Step 4: Hang delicate pieces

Of course, you may have some delicate pieces of lingerie that need a little extra attention when it comes to how you store them. Should that be the case, the answer is simple – you need to hang them up. You can get specific lingerie hangers from most stores (or ask in-store when you’re buying a new bra!) and use them in your wardrobe. Simple!

Since these hangers have small clasps on each end, you can clip them to your bra straps. Make sure that they are not too tight or they could make an imprint on the fabric. You could create a section in your wardrobe that is specifically for your lingerie. If you have bustiers or even bralettes, you may well find that this is the most sensible way to store them.

Remember: Space is everything!

Finally, there’s one golden rule that you have to remember. Space is super important when it comes to storage. If you cram your bras into a small space, it will end up damaging them in a serious way. This has an impact on the material, which will weaken it and means that it won’t last as long as you might expect. When you’re organizing your lingerie drawer, give each bra and lingerie piece a little extra space. You won’t regret it!

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Happy bra shopping!

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