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how to be confident in a swimsuit

Close your eyes for a moment. Now, imagine you’re at the busiest of beaches in a stunning swimsuit. How does it make you feel? For some reason, many ladies out there actually shy away from donning a cute bikini or the like. There’s something that scares them off about the idea, but there shouldn’t be. In reality, you can feel your most confident when you get ready to hit the water.

Here’s what you need to do to give yourself a little boost along the way. 

Find a style that suits your personality

Remember, buying a brand new swimsuit needn’t stress you out. Frankly, it should be nothing short of an actual pleasure. There’s nothing better than getting a chance to experiment with your own sense of style and your look. Don’t you forget that! Rather than sticking to the tried and tested black one-piece, opt for something a little more exciting.

There are some wildly attractive swimsuits out there if you’re bold enough to give them a go. For example, you might like a sporty little number or even a cut-out bikini top. If you’ve always gone for the same thing, you may find that this is a little intimidating at first, but you shouldn’t let it be. Instead, go ahead and give it a try.  

Experiment with bright and bold prints

Nothing about your look has to be plain and simple. You are a daring lady and, as such, you deserve the best. You may find that you’re utterly taken with the idea of a tropical print suit or something even more thrilling. Take the time to browse a load of different colors, prints, and styles. The truth of the matter is that you don’t know what’s out there until you give yourself a chance to find out. Loving your swimsuit is the first step to success here, and so you really need to find something you adore.

feel confident in a swimsuit

Flair One Piece Swimsuit S8006 in Black

Use accessories to glam it up

Once you’ve found a swimsuit that fits you well, you needn’t stop there. Don’t forget that you can always glam the thing up a tad with some cool accessories. For example, you may want to pop a statement necklace on or even some cool sunglasses. Or, you could get a chic wrap to put on top of the suit itself! There are loads of awesome things that complement a swimsuit look perfectly. Sometimes, it’s these smaller things that actually end up making the outfit and pulling it together.

Don’t buy into the ‘bikini body’ myth

There are few things more damaging than the bikini body myth. You know just what I’m talking about here. I mean the notion that you need to have a ‘perfect figure’ to look good in a swimsuit. Well, here’s a secret for you all: Every single body is perfect. Every single body is a ‘bikini body.’ When you realize that, you will find that there are few things that stand in your way.

Rather than allowing yourself to be taken in by this idea, remember that it’s not true at all. The whole notion of the ideal body makes people feel terrible about the way that they look. What’s more, that’s what it was designed to do. It’s a high-level manipulation to make us all feel less-than-worthy. Don’t let it get to you. Instead of focussing your attention on the idea that you’re not perfect, you should remember that you absolutely, 100% are. And you know it too.

how to feel confident in a swimsuit

Flair One Piece Swimsuit S8006 in Tropical Print

Be kinder to yourself in general

Sometimes, we are our own worst enemies. If you’re cruel to yourself when you put on a swimsuit, you’re never going to feel confident in it. It’s that simple. Getting into the habit of constantly criticizing yourself will only end in tears – your tears and no one else’s. Instead, take the time to reconsider how you feel. Don’t be too hard on yourself and start believing things that simply aren’t true. Whenever you catch yourself thinking negatively about how you look, stop yourself in your tracks and remember how truly wonderful you are.

Focus on what you love about your body

Let me ask you a quick question. What is it that you simply love about your body? Don’t hesitate. Just answer. You may have a great bust, stunning legs, or just lovely long hair. Whatever makes you smile from ear-to-ear when you think about it, that’s the very thing that you need to pay attention to. It’s important.

The moment you slip on your brand new, all-singing, all-dancing swimsuit, think about that very thing. The glee that you will feel when you do so will shine through. Remember, there is nothing more attractive than someone who feels secure in their own skin. That’s what true beauty actually is. When you’re glowing with pride, the whole world will see it shine through and you will look and feel stunning.


Every woman out there deserves to feel glorious when they slip on their favorite swimsuit. Finding one that suits you and your shape is an act of empowerment and don’t you forget it. Treat yourself to something that looks as brilliant as you deserve to feel. There’s nothing better than that. You really won’t regret it!

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Flair One Piece Swimsuit S8006 in Tropical Print
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