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best sports bra for large breasts

We all know that exercise can help us flourish in every area of our lives. From boosting our fitness levels to improving our well-being, there’s no end to the benefits of getting out there and getting active. Before you do so, though, you really need to make sure that you get the right gym wear for your body type.  

Whether you’re a complete gym bunny or just dabble in a little yoga here and there, getting the right fitting bra for yourself is extremely important. But where on earth should you start? In truth, this is something that all too many ladies overlook, and yet doing so is a mistake.

Here’s what you absolutely need to know: Choosing the right bra is crucial!

You may wonder why choosing the right sports bra is so very important. Well, not only will this help you when you workout, but there are a number of reasons that you need to make sure that you’re wearing the right one for you. When you exercise, you contort yourself into loads of different positions and move around a whole load. That puts a lot of excess pressure on your body, particularly the breast area.

If you lack the right support, you could find that you experience, discomfort, back pain, and even premature sagging! If you want to avoid all of the above, here’s what you need to do:

Take the time to get fitted

Before you can get fit in the gym, you need to make sure that you get your bra fitted! (See what we did there?) Surprisingly enough, according to a recent study, more than 70% of women in the UK wear the wrong bra size.

That means that the chances are, you could be wearing a size that is completely wrong for your shape and size. Yikes!

While you may not notice this issue on a day to day basis, when it comes to doing sports and wearing a sports bra, it will make a dramatic impact on how you look and feel.

If you’re not 100% sure what your size is right now, it’s well worth taking the time to get fitted.

Most women don’t realize this, but you should get a bra fitting every 6-8 months. After all, the size of your breasts may well change over time, and so you need the most accurate reading at any given point. Since sports bras are all about support, this tip really is essential to that.

Opt for thicker straps

Since getting a good sports bra is all about support, you need to make sure that the straps are a good fit.

Don’t be afraid of thick or wide straps – the thicker the straps, the more comfortable the bra will be when you’re wearing it. This is especially important if you wear a D cup or larger. What’s more, thicker straps are less likely it is to dig into your shoulders or back if you pick the right style for your body type. It may be worth taking the time to try on a few different styles of sports bras so you can get the right fit.

Once you’ve chosen a bra that feels and looks right, it’s time to adjust the straps to suit your body shape. The cardinal rule here is that the straps should sit flat against your skin without making any marks on it. You should be able to slip two fingers beneath the strap but it should still be tight enough to offer you the level of support you need.

Pro Tip:

If you have strap marks when you take off your bra, you’re likely wearing the wrong size. In reality, your straps should never dig into you or cause you irritation!

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Check the fit of the underband

The majority of your support, though, won’t come from your straps at all. Instead, it will be provided by the underband (i.e. the strip of material at the bottom of the bra itself). When buying yourself a sports bra, you should pay close attention to this area — it can really make all of the difference.

The key here is that the band should lie straight across from front (just below your breasts) to back. Again, the thicker and stronger this band is, the better. The point is that the underband should fill snug without feeling uncomfortable.

Get the cup size right

Finally, let’s talk for a moment about your cup size. There should be no spillage whatsoever over the edge of the cup when you first try the sports bra on. That is something that you definitely need to keep in mind.

Ensuring that you buy a bra with a specific cup size is important too. Opting for a generic size (S,M,L,XL) not only means that you may not get the right fit for your breasts, it also means that you will get the thick straps that you need too. If you’re a larger breasted lady, especially, you may run into no end of problems here! So just be sure that the fit is right for you before you go any further.

Your breasts should be completely covered by the cup itself and, crucially, the material needs to be tight enough that it holds them in place no matter how much you move. (Because, let’s face it, you’re going to be moving a whole lot when you work out!) It’s worth trying a few different bras before you find the one for you.

Oh, and remember, you should be sure to replace your sports bra at least once every three months or so. That way, you will know that you always have the very best level of support!

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Happy bra shopping!

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