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20161105 IMG 8589 - How Showering Less Helped Me Appreciate My Body More

Bare with me – I might turn your nose up for a minute. I do not shower frequently. I originally had no reasoning behind not showering except to say I was lazy. Now that I’ve been showering so infrequently, I have gained an insight into how powerful it is to enjoy your scent, embrace nature’s gift and help make aware the frequency of your showering habits. If you ask me, benefits of not showering outweigh the benefits of showering. I shower once a week and I do still have a full-time job with no smelly complaints to HR and a supportive partner who has grown accustomed to my routine. I’ve learned throughout this journey that it’s much more than neglecting the normalized nighttime routine. Instead, it’s really about the feeling I’ve acquired. No longer do I feel like I have to justify myself. I am me in my simplest form.

Here’s what I learned:

1.  I have an appreciation for what I eat.

oatmeal breakfast bowl with fruit and acai - How Showering Less Helped Me Appreciate My Body More

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Yes, I have an appreciation for what I eat. I’m conscious with my eating decisions because I’m well aware that what I eat will greatly impact the odor I give off. I do not eat greasy foods, gluten or dairy. My taste buds have adapted to bitter flavors. When I eat like a koala, I find my odor is less potent if not existent. When I slip up and want a bite of something sweet, I notice a distinct change in my odor. I try and avoid the foods listed above for the sole reason my body’s natural scent will be affected greatly.

2.  You synthesize less Vitamin D.

20161105 IMG 8574 - How Showering Less Helped Me Appreciate My Body More

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I have very fair skin. The moments I enjoy outdoors are special and sacred. Showering less keeps the sun’s natural vitamins such as vitamin D inside the body. Think of it like sunscreen. Washing less of it off keeps more locked in your skin for a more “natural” shield of protection.

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3.  You become thankful for water and its simplicity.

water with lemon and mint900 - How Showering Less Helped Me Appreciate My Body More

When you don’t shower, you are thankful for the gift of water. When you do shower, the water overcomes your soul and suddenly, you see its power. Water is a delicate gift given to us. When we realize its simplicity, its purpose and its purifying nature, we begin to cherish it is not meant to be wasted. My one shower a week is almost a spiritual experience. As soon as the water touches my skin, I become very aware of each droplet.

4.  You don’t remove your natural oils.

avocado oil - How Showering Less Helped Me Appreciate My Body More

When I do bathe, I bathe in oils. I either use a blend of sesame oil and avocado oil or jojoba oil and avocado oil. Keeping your body’s natural oils helps preserve your skin. In fact, showering does not actually help prevent infection like some may think. All the scrubbing you may be doing could help remove the stink, but actually may cause your skin to crack, leaving an open gap for germs. I’ve also noticed I wash my hair less and my hair appears less greasy.

5.  I like it. It’s that simple.

argan oil shea nut butter - How Showering Less Helped Me Appreciate My Body More

I am a conscious woman who likes to look good, feel good and smell good. Showering can give a sense of refreshment, but I achieve the same feeling using a small washcloth to warm my face or remove make-up. The less you shower, the more of a natural routine it becomes. Your body becomes accustomed to its new home in its own odor. After a while, I began forgetting I wasn’t showering. I was taking care of myself from the inside out.

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I challenge you to try this for just one week. Note the differences in your skin, your mind and overall feeling. You might surprise yourself!

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