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how often should you replace your underwear

While lingerie should make us feel great, sometimes, it leaves us asking a whole lot of questions. If there are things that you feel too awkward to ask, never fear. We just so happen to have all the answers you could possibly want here. What’s more, you don’t even have to ask the questions. You can just sit comfortably and read this post.

Here are the answers to the lingerie questions we’ve all asked ourselves at one point or another: 

How often should you replace your underwear?

Underwear does not last forever. If you’ve got briefs that remember your last five birthdays, something is terribly wrong. Here’s the thing, often enough, we forget that we need to replace these items of clothing. Since you wear them under your clothes, you may not think that they are as much of a priority as, say, a new dress or new shoes. Nothing could be further from the truth. As these pieces have direct contact with your skin, you need to make sure that you replace them on a regular basis.

When it comes to your briefs, you should be replacing them at least every six months to a year. Doing so will mean that they are in the best condition when you wear them. It also helps to make sure that you look after them properly when you are using them. For example, you need to pay close attention to the washing instructions on each lingerie piece before you wash them.

Why do bras have underwire?

A lot of modern bras have underwire, but do you know what this bit of metal actually does? Many women have no idea what the point of it is and simply assume that they need it. Well, the point of this feature is to help contour your breasts and create a lifted and supported shape under the clothes that you wear. Contrary to popular belief, it is not the thing that offers the most support. In fact, much of the support comes from the main band. Not all bras need underwire, but often women with larger breasts find that it is a real plus.

Why do my bra straps hurt?

If your bra straps are digging deep into your skin, that is not a good sign. The fact of the matter is that your straps should not ever be a source of pain. When they make imprints on your skin, it’s often the sign that the bra is too small. Wearing the wrong size bra is not only uncomfortable but it can be seriously annoying at the best of times.

Should you find that the straps of your bra hurt you all the time, the best thing that you can do is go and get fitted for a bra again. That way, you can get some lingerie that is just the right size for you, and so you will have no further complaints. What could be better?

Why do my measurements change?

That leads us nicely onto this next question. We all know that our bra size can change from time to time, and that in itself can be rather confusing. However, there is a few logical reasons for why this happens. Every now and then, you may gain or lose weight. There’s nothing to say that when this happens, it will affect your breast size, but it might. So, if you suddenly go up or down a cup size that could be the underlying reason.

Also, hormonal changes may mean that your breasts change size too. So, when you’re pregnant or change the form of contraception you use, you could find that you need to get refitted for a new bra. The point is that it’s 100% normal for your measurements to change over time, and so you just need to keep on top of your current size.

How can I feel comfortable in lingerie?

If you’re new to fancy lingerie, the whole thing may feel a little intimidating. Don’t let it be. The entire point of this type of clothing is that it should make you feel as truly awesome as you are. If it makes you feel anything less than that, it’s down to one thing and one thing alone. Your comfort. If you want to feel confident in lingerie, you need to focus on the pieces that make you feel incredible. Don’t settle for anything less.

Choosing pieces that you think are beautiful and that flatter your figure is a way to make sure that you look fabulous. You should also remember to adore your body no matter what. Stop criticizing it and start appreciating it for all that it is. The moment you pledge to do that, you will start feeling fantastic.

Believe it or not, the wonderful world of lingerie is not a taboo subject. It’s something that ought to be celebrated at every feat. When it comes to treating yourself to choice pieces, it helps to educate yourself on the mysteries of them. Don’t be shy! With any luck, we have answered your most burning questions here. So, you’re welcome!

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Happy bra shopping!

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