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how often should you go bra shopping

Do you find yourself waking up every few months only to realize that you’ve got no decent bras left? Do you ignore the problem for weeks on end until you finally break and go shopping? Have you written ‘bra shop’ on your to-do list but never got around to it? If you answered ‘yes,’ to all of the above, we need to have a little talk.

Heading to the stores (or, indeed, looking online!) for a new bra should never be something you stick on the back-burner. It’s an important job and, if you want to feel like the best version of yourself, starting with some beautiful lingerie is not a bad idea. So, how often should you really go bra shopping?

When to buy new bras:

First things first, we need to talk about how often you ought to be buying new bras to replace your old ones. In truth, when your bra starts to look a little worse for wear, you may need to think about getting rid of it or donating it to a good cause. Typically, you should find that bras need to be replaced every three months or so.

That may sound like a little too often, but you need to consider just how often you wear your bra and what it goes through. If you tend to rely on the same set of bras all of the time, they are certain to get old and worn sooner rather than later. Keep a close eye on your lingerie to make sure you know when it’s past its best.

Be sure to rotate your daily bras.

Of course, the more bras you own, the less an individual bra will get worn. So, how many bras should a woman own in general? Anywhere between five and ten bras is sure to be right for you. It’s worth considering your own needs before you head out to the stores.

Remember, this number may vary depending on how often you wear bras, whether you do sports, and how much you tend to wash them on a weekly basis. For example, if you workout every day and wash your sports bra each night, you may find that the material wears out faster than it otherwise would!

Don’t wait six months to replace an old or ill-fitting bra.

Every bra is unique and you should know that some will wear out sooner than others. One of the best things that any smart and savvy lady can do is look out for some of the telltale signs that they need a new bra. That way, you can keep on top of your lingerie needs. Organized women will find this super easier, while the rest of us mere mortals may have to put in a little extra effort to get it right.

Always schedule your shopping trips.

You schedule your regular hair appointments, brunch dates, and evenings out, right? So, what’s stopping you from arranging your shopping trips well in advance too? If you’re the type of sociable lady who adores shopping with her bestie by her side, this is a truly fabulous idea. You can make sure that your friend is free when you want to shop and arrange a day that works for both of you.

By having that little event marked in your diary, you should find that shopping for beautiful new lingerie is less of a surprise. You know just when you plan to go to the stores and how much you intend to spend. Bonus: It helps you manage your time and your finances too!

Put some money aside before your trip.

While we’re on the subject of finances, let’s talk about your bra budget for a moment. No one out there likes unexpected costs. When you find that you suddenly have to buy a load of new things, it can be stressful and a little hard to handle. We’ve all been there.

Throughout the month, be sure to set aside a small pot of cash for clothing and, of course, bras as well. Having the money ready and waiting means that you won’t have to worry yourself when you do need to go shopping. (Oh, and it also makes buying things a whole lot more fun, because it’s 100% guilt-free spending!)

Focus on making it a pleasure, not a chore.

Still feeling a tad stressed about the whole thing? We’ve got your back here! One of the biggest and most important things that you need to remember when it comes to bra shopping is that it really needn’t be a chore. From the moment that you pop this activity into your diary, you should start looking forward to it and visualizing what bras you may buy. Investing in your lingerie collection is a real act of self-love and don’t you forget it.

With any luck, we’ve given you all you need here and you now know how often you need to head to the lingerie store. Why not put our advice into practice and start planning your next trip right now? You know that you deserve it!

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Happy bra shopping!

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