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where to get fitted for a bra

Don’t worry: We’re not here to lecture you. At this point, you’re probably well aware of the importance of getting fitted. And hopefully, you also know that a bra fitting is not a one-and-done deal. Since your size can change at any point due to a variety of factors such as weight fluctuations, a new exercise regimen, menopause, pregnancy, and nursing, you’ll need to periodically get a fitting to ensure you’re wearing bras that fit properly.

But how often should you get a bra fitting? Here’s everything you need to know.

A tried-and-true timeline

The truth is, there isn’t any hard-and-fast rule as to the exact time to get fitted — and that’s because the timing depends on any lifestyle factors that may be affecting your size. However, as a general guideline, you should plan to get re-fitted every six months to a year. If you haven’t had any notable weight loss or gain, become pregnant, started menopause, etc. you can probably get away with the longer side of that spectrum. However, six months is always the safest timeline to stick by to ensure your bras are fitting you flawlessly.

Signs it’s time for a bra fitting:

Even if you do get fitted every six months to a year, that doesn’t mean you may not need to get fitted in between. In fact, there are a number of signs to watch for that indicate you may need to get re-fitted sooner.

Band riding up in the back

Is the band riding up in the back on your go-to T-shirt bra? The band offers the majority of the support in your bra, and if this is the case, it’s not functioning properly. So that’s one indicator you’re wearing the wrong band size.

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Breast tissue spilling out of the cups

If there’s any spillage of breast tissue out of the cups on your favorite demi-cup bra — whether the top, sides, or bottom — you likely need to be re-fitted because the cup size is definitely too small.

Straps that dig into your skin or fall off your shoulders

Also, if you notice that the straps on that push-up bra are either digging into your shoulders or falling down even when you adjust them as needed, then be sure to get re-fitted to determine your true size.


The good news is, a bra fitting shouldn’t be a big hassle whatsoever. Depending on how extensive you want it to be (and how many bras you decide to try on while you’re at it), the session typically only lasts around 30 minutes. You can get a fitting done at many department stores or independent lingerie boutiques.

Note that some stores recommend (or require) booking an appointment in advance, so always check ahead of time. Be ready to communicate with your fitter about any issues you’ve faced with the bras you currently own, whether it’s that the straps don’t seem to stay on your shoulders, the center panel never lays flat on your torso, or you’re feeling some shoulder strain by the end of the day. Most importantly, arrive at your fitting as open-minded as possible throughout the experience, as you’re likely to get a wealth of feedback and advice.

A professional fitter isn’t just there to measure you — she may be able to point out things about your breast shape, make suggestions about bra styles that work best for you, and offer other kinds of helpful insight.

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We Highly Recommend

Whether you’re shopping for new everyday bras or lingerie for your wedding day, it’s always a good idea to seek out a second opinion. We know how hard it is to find bras that fit well and feel good, especially when you’re doing it on your own. If you’ve ever felt unsure about your bra size or you just don’t know where to go to find good bras, it’s time to let a bra fitter help.

Many specialty lingerie boutiques offer bra fittings. Their expert bra fitters will take the pain and frustration out of bra shopping and do all the work for you. Even better, their product knowledge can save you time and money. Plus, they know where all of the best bras are hiding.

If you’ve struggled with finding bras in the right size, it’s time to make a change. Visit our specialty store locator to find a store near you and schedule an appointment.

Happy bra shopping!

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