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how are push up bras supposed to fit

All hail the push-up bra: It’s powerful enough to provide incredible lift while also allowing you to show off your decolletage in low-cut tops and dresses with plunging necklines. Not to mention, a super push-up bra can create the illusion of a fuller bust, adding two cup sizes or more. Women of many shapes and sizes can benefit from push-up bras for various reasons, and while different styles will suit different women’s needs, bodies and preferences, there’s one factor that matters across the board: fit.

A push-up bra must fit flawlessly in order to do its job properly. Which begs the question: How are push-up bras supposed to fit? This guide covers all the basics so you can find a push-up bra that works for you.

How to put it on

There is a right and wrong way to don a push-up bra, and putting it on properly ensures it fits as best as possible.

After fasting the closure on your bra, lean forward and scoop the breast tissue up, placing each into its cup one at a time. Stand upright again and adjust the straps so that they’re snug on your shoulders without digging into them. Now, take some time to arrange your breasts so that they rest on top of any padding.

It’s all about the fit

When it comes to the fit of push-up bras, it can be easy to mistake a proper fit — that’s because this style is obviously designed to create more cleavage, which makes it a little harder to tell when the cups are too small or just right. For the most flattering look, the cups should lay flat against your breast tissue without creating any bulging spillover at the top (that means the ever-dreaded “quad boob”). The cups should never leave any indents or marks on your breast tissue from wearing it (that’s another sign it’s too tight). If the cups are puckering or gaping at all at the top or sides, you’ll know you need to go down in size.

As the band will very gradually stretch out, you want to be able to comfortably wear the bra on the tightest hook-and-eye closure when you buy it. That way, you can ensure that you’ll continue to get optimal support over time.

Look at the center gore (the panel between the cups) as well as the underwire and make sure that both lay flat against your body. If the underwire is tilted away and not quite resting on your chest, the cup size is likely too small. Then take a peek at the band — it should lie at an even level all the way around your torso from front to back. A band that’s riding up is one of the top signs of an ill-fitting push-up bra.

A push-up bra is one style that you’ll no doubt be grateful to have in your arsenal. However, you’ll only reap the rewards of this particular piece of lingerie if you’ve managed to find your perfect fit. It’s worth noting that with push-up bras especially, your size may vary slightly from style to style and brand to brand. That’s why it can be helpful to get some assistance from staff at a local lingerie boutique when shopping for push-up bras. Not only can they conduct a professional fitting, but they can also determine your exact size in any specific product since it may range. A flattering appearance is not the only reason to prioritize fit, either. A push-up bra that’s the wrong size means risking inadequate support, the constant need for adjustment, chafing and other discomfort.

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Happy bra shopping!


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