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best packing tips - 7 Holiday Packing Tips to Make Traveling Easier

Holiday travel is likely in your near future. While the holidays are exciting, preparing for them can be a little overwhelming. You have things to pack, people to see and you’re hoping there’s no family drama. (Maybe that last one is just me.) Whether you’re spending two days or a week away, you want holiday travel to be as simple as possible.

You can simplify your holiday travel by being strategic with your packing list. Here are six holiday packing tips to help you pack lighter and make traveling easier:

1.  Pre-plan your outfits.

My biggest holiday packing tip is to pre-plan your outfits. Consider the activities you’ll be doing while you’re away for the holidays. You may go shopping, lounge around the house, spend time outside or meet old friends for dinner. Instead of throwing all your favorite winter garments in your bag, strategically plan your outfits. This ensures you have outfits that you’ll love and that you’ll wear all the items you pack.

2.  Only pack a couple of bottoms.

It’s also a good idea to only pack a couple of bottoms. You likely have a go-to pair of jeans, so why pack three or four bottoms just for the sake of having them? Two different types of jeans, a jean and a pant or a jean and a legging are some good options to bring along. Plus, if you pre-planned your outfits, you’ll know exactly which bottoms you’ll be wearing.

3.  Bring headphones and/or a Bluetooth speaker.

Bringing headphones and/or a Bluetooth speaker is a necessity whenever I travel. But, it’s a super important holiday packing tip. Whether you want to get to bed early or need some alone time, you’ll appreciate easy access to music.

4.  Protect your lingerie.

Consider lingerie packing and traveling tips to preserve your lingerie and save space in your suitcase. You don’t want your hair products leaking on and staining your lingerie. And, you certainly don’t want shoes to dirty or snag your lingerie. Some great lingerie packing tips include stacking your bras cup to cup or using a lingerie hard case to preserve the bras’ shape. You can also take advantage of mesh lingerie bags or mesh compartments in your luggage. This will separate lingerie from other items, keeping them safe.

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travel packing tips

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5.  Bring your drink of choice.

Don’t wait until you reach your destination to grab your drink of choice. Stop by the grocery or liquor store on your way out of town so you can bring it with you. You never know what plans family will have or where the closest store may be when you arrive. You’ll be glad you prepacked your wine if things get chaotic early on.

6.  Pack a scarf.

A scarf can easily dress up an outfit or hide the fact that you’re re-wearing a top. You could wear jeans and a sweater to one gathering. Then, wear the same outfit a few days later to another gathering, only adding the scarf. Plus, a scarf is a great accessory to have if its chilly out.

7.  Keep outerwear and shoes to a minimum.

Last, but not least, keep outerwear and shoes to a minimum. These are bulky items that will quickly fill up your suitcase. I’d recommend packing one coat that will match your outfits and bringing two to three pairs of shoes. Perhaps one or two pairs of boots and some tennis shoes will do. Packing tennis shoes ensures you can get some exercise while traveling.

What do all these holiday packing and travel tips have in common? Strategy. Strategy is key to packing light and being prepared for all the craziness the holidays can bring. Not to mention, packing light makes unpacking much less of a headache when you get back home.

Safe travels to you this season!

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