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breast shapes

Have you ever wondered why your boobs are the shape and size that they are? Welcome to the club. We’ve all wondered why we have the boobs we have – whether it’s because we wish they were bigger, smaller or shaped differently.

Every woman’s body is different, hence our varying breast sizes and shapes. However, the same factors determine what kind of breasts we each have. Let’s dive into what determines your breast type.

It’s all about genetics.

Spoiler alert: your genetics largely determine what kind of breasts you’ll have. It all comes down to the density of your breasts, which is determined by your genes. Genetics affect your hormone levels, and those hormone levels decide your breast density. Breast density compares the amount of fat to the amount of tissue in your breasts. The denser your breasts are, the less fatty tissue you have and vice versa. So, thanks to genetics, your boobs’ shape and size were determined before you were born.

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Your age plays a part, too.

A woman’s body experiences numerous changes as she ages. One of the greatest changes that comes with aging breasts is weakened ligaments. Cooper’s ligaments are the ligaments that support the majority of breast tissue. As these ligaments weaken with age, your breasts may begin to sag and look different than when you were younger.Women who are past the age of menopause may also have less fatty tissue in their breasts. This transition can cause the breasts to change shapes.

Your weight also affects your boobs.

Your weight contributes to your breast shape and size. Wishing you could gain weight to add volume to your bust? Or, maybe you’d like to lose to lose a few pounds so you can go down a bra size? Not quite! Gaining weight doesn’t always mean your boobs will become fuller, and losing weight doesn’t always mean your boobs will get smaller. How much weight your boobs gain or lose depends on – you guessed it – genetics.

Because every woman’s hormones are different, no two women will have the same results in her breasts from a weight change. Let’s say two 35 year-old women both gain 15 pounds. One of the women may experience a change in breast size and shape, changing her bra size. Yet, the other woman may not see any changes in her breasts. That’s because genetics determine where your body gains or loses weight first. And, how your boobs react to weight fluctuation depends on how much fatty tissue was already in your breasts.

Constantly losing and gaining weight can also change the appearance of your breasts. The collagen and elastin that supports your breast tissue becomes stressed from the weight fluctuations and begins to break down. After drastically losing and gaining weight, your boobs may look saggy.

Many factors affect your breast shape, but the greatest factor is genetics. Your boobs are the way they are simply because you were born that way. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t exercise to preserve your breasts’ youth. It does mean, however, that you should love your boobs as they are. After all, no one has a pair identical to them.

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