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organize lingerie drawer

Your lingerie is meant to give you the confidence to know you can take on anything. So ideally, you should be able to reach into your lingerie drawer and only pull out pieces you love. But let’s be real – your drawer probably looks a little chaotic. And, out of all the pieces in the drawer, you may only wear a handful of them. Reorganizing your lingerie drawer may sound tedious or miniscule, but the few minutes you spend organizing it will make your life easier.

Here are six reasons why you should organize your lingerie drawer often.

1.  Get rid of items that don’t fit or flatter you.

Knowing you’ll love anything you pull out of your lingerie drawer is an underrated luxury. Your lingerie should flatter your body and make you feel comfortable in your skin. Organizing your lingerie drawer gives you the opportunity to throw out anything that doesn’t make you feel confident. Get rid of items that have stains, don’t fit you well or are no longer your style. (But you don’t have to trash everything you don’t want. Consider donating bras that are gently worn.)

2.  Find favorite items more easily.

You likely have a go-to t-shirt bra for lazy days or seamless panties for those tricky dresses. But, when you want to wear these items, do you have to dig for them? Organizing your lingerie drawer allows you to quickly grab your favorite items and continue with your routine. You have enough on your mind every day – you shouldn’t have to hunt for your favorite bras and panties each morning.

3.  Preserve the quality of your lingerie.

As your lingerie drawer becomes disorganized, items can get stuck on the sides of the drawer. This can potentially snag or tear your items. Keeping your lingerie organized helps pieces stay safely in place to maintain their quality.

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4.  Realize a need for new lingerie items.

It looks like you have plenty of lingerie options when your lingerie drawer is messy. But, sometimes it takes a little organization to realize that you actually have very few options. After going through the drawer, you may realize most of your bras are the wrong size. Or, maybe you opted to throw out all your panties because they looked worn out. It’s much easier to identify a need when you can see and assess all your lingerie pieces.

5.  Make your lingerie drawer a pleasure to browse.

Consider why it’s fun to go lingerie shopping. Everything is displayed nicely, letting you browse all options at once. And, the organized items just look prettier when they are displayed in an organized manner. This makes browsing lingerie counters feel like a pleasure. You can give your lingerie drawer that same luxurious feel by making it tidy.

6.  Feel more organized.

Your lingerie drawer is likely one of the first drawers you open when getting ready for your day. It can add stress to your routine if the first drawer you open is messy. But, an organized lingerie drawer feels like a more organized life.

An organized lingerie drawer doesn’t just save you time. It helps ensure you look and feel your best every time you get dressed. Don’t let reorganizing your lingerie get pushed to the end of your to-do list. Make it a priority to review your items and organize your drawer every few months.

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