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How much thought do you give to your underwear? The type of underwear you choose ultimately reveals more about you than you could even know. On some subconscious level, it’s a statement about who you are and what you want to say about yourself. Think about it all. There’s a real reason that you chose the underwear you did. Something inside you said a big, old ‘yes’ to them the moment you saw them. But wait, have you ever wondered why? Without further ado, here’s what your panties say about you.

Embroidered Hipsters

Personality type: Sophisticated

If you asked your besties to describe you in just one word, they would likely all say the same thing. Sophisticated. It sums you up perfectly. You’re a powerful woman who is not afraid to let her femininity shine through. When it comes to your underwear, you like to keep things simple. Hipsters are obviously a must, but you enjoy giving them a little twist by choosing a pair with beautiful embroidery. The ideal combination of chic and alternative all wrapped up in one pretty package.

Black Briefs

Personality type: Direct

You’re a direct kind of lady — and everyone knows it. When you talk, you always speak the truth. The best way to describe you would be to say that you’re absolutely no nonsense. You won’t stand for it. In your world, everything has its time and place. You’re highly organized, always on time, and always wearing an immaculate outfit to boot. Some may even say you’re a perfectionist. To reflect that, you usually pick plain black briefs. They’re smart, practical, and look fantastic… Just like you.

Boy Shorts

Personality type: Happy-go-lucky

You’re a fun-loving kind of woman who loves nothing more to play around with your sense of style. No matter what you have to do on a day-to-day basis, you handle it all with a smile and a side of joy. Your friends would best describe you as a sunny and cheerful lady who always gets what she wants. You wear boy shorts because they are cozy and mean you can be as active as you like when you’re out and about. So, should you suddenly get the deep, burning urge to go skipping down the sidewalk, nothing is going to stand in your way. Oh and it’s just that happy-go-lucky attitude that makes you so darn lovable.

Brazilian Thong

Personality type: Saucy

‘Surprise’ is your middle name. You love keeping people guessing and making sure that they are on their toes. It’s just part of your nature. While you may not go around telling the world all about it, a Brazilian thong tends to be your underwear of choice. There’s something so utterly daring and different about wearing one of these saucy little things. When it comes to your fashion sense, you relish the chance to mix it up. You tend to follow the trends and you’re always up to date on what’s en vogue. In fact, your pals always come to you for advice on what to wear and what not to wear.

Highwaist Briefs

Personality type: Girl boss

With your drive, ambition, and enviable style, nothing stands in your way. Your work is your real passion, which is perhaps the reason that you’re so good at your job. Still, that doesn’t mean that you can’t shake things up in the underwear department now and then. You’re a lover of retro style so you really enjoy the entire highwaist trend. You always like trying new things and seeing what suits you. After all, you are a total boss.

Sweetheart Hipsters

Personality type: Feminine

Rain or shine, you always look your best. It’s just who you are. You’re the type of woman who adores everything feminine in the world. You can usually be found brunching with your besties or having some downtime at home and binge-watching your favorite show. When it comes to your style, though, you adore cute and colorful. That means a whole lot of dresses, skirts, and even the odd pair of heels. You are completely addicted to the sweetheart range and the hipsters are an everyday must-wear for you.


As you can see, your briefs reveal a whole lot more about you than you imagine. When you pick up a new cool pair of briefs, there’s definitely a reason that you were drawn to them. Something about them called to you and made you want them. Of course, you can always try on something new if you’re not loving your current style. Remember, fashion is meant to be fun — never a chore. So, go ahead and experiment with your fashion sense.

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Mod By Parfait Sweetheart Padded Bra A1391 | Mod By Parfait Sweetheart Hipster A1395 in Almond Blossom/Dove


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