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Give Dad The Best Father%E2%80%99s Day Gift Ever - Give Dad The Best Father’s Day Gift Ever

We all love Dad, but he can get the short end of the stick when it comes to gifts. According to the National Retail Federation, Mother’s Day gifts averaged $173 last year, but Father’s Day gifts averaged $115. What’s worse – last year wasn’t an anomaly. While we pay big bucks for mom’s flowers, chocolates, and spa days, most of the time dad gets a tie and maybe a dinner out. Here are a few ways we can give dad what he wants most this Father’s Day: family time.

1.  Take in a ball game.

Baseball is America’s pastime, and most Dad’s love catching their favorite team on TV. This year, take dad to a game of Father’s Day – tickets, beers, and ballpark franks will make him happy, but spending the afternoon in the sun with you will be the best part of the gift. Talk to him, enjoy the game with him, and make a treasured memory.

2.  Go on a hike.

Maybe your dad isn’t as in to baseball as he is the great outdoors – no worries. Check your city website – or, heck, TripAdvisor – to find a local trail you can hike. Take along a picnic lunch, remember comfortable shoes, and your camera so you can take pictures of a great day with dad!

3.  Head to an amusement park.

Whether you have a big amusement park in your city or only a local fun park with go-karts, mini-golf, and even paint ball. If your dad is an active dad, get the family together, and spend Father’s Day speeding around those hairpin curves, riding killer coasters and taking aim at one another. It’s all in fun!

4.  Take dad wine tasting.

Have a dad who has a taste for wine? What about craft beers? Find a local winery, distillery or artisan beer maker, and go to a wine tasting. Bring home your favorites, so you can remember the day all through the year.

5.  Take a historical tour!

Live in New England or the South? Chances are there will be some kind of Revolutionary or Civil War reenactment over Father’s Day weekend…and if there isn’t, check with your local library or historical society. Many will arrange for a day to tour the stacks and dive deep into local history.


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