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fun fall activities

Sometimes it seems like you get into a season just before it ends.

For me, it’s usually fall. I look so forward to fall, and then it seems like it’s gone before I’ve had a chance to enjoy it. Last year, I put out my fall home décor in October, then a month later, I was ready to transition to holiday décor. But, I refuse to let the season slip away from me this year! Instead, I’m going to start planning small activities now so I can fully enjoy the season.

Here are 15 activities to do this fall:

1.  Head to the pumpkin patch.

I love getting my pumpkins from the pumpkin patch each year. You get to wander through so many shapes, sizes and colors of pumpkins to find your favorite ones.  Then, you get to head home to set your prizes strategically around your home.

2.  Go apple picking.

If there’s an orchard in your area that will let you pick apples, get to pickin’! You’ll enjoy being out in the fall air, picking your own apples, then baking some fresh apple goods.

3.  Make DIY fall décor.

I love DIY crafts, but I sometimes forget about doing them seasonally. You could make a fall wreath, yard sign, table centerpiece – the list goes on. If you’re looking for a simple DIY fall décor project, try spray painting wine bottles then adding fall foliage inside them.

4.  Watch scary movies.

Instead of watching all the scary movies in October, start watching them now to help you get into the new season. I already have my eyes peeled for scary movies I can record on TV.

5.  Go on a hay ride.

A hay ride is sure to put you in the mood for fall! There’s just something so “fall” about riding on a bale of hay. Oh wait, it’s the riding on a bale of hay part.

6.  Bake fall goodies.

Seasonal baking is something that gets away from me. Pick out the goodies you want to bake this fall, and start checking items off that list now.

7.  Make s’mores on the fire.

Bonfires and firepits are the epitome of fall. Grab a sweater, marshmallows, chocolate bars and graham crackers, and enjoy making some s’mores fireside.

8.  Go to a haunted house.

If you like scary things, don’t forget to hit up a haunted yes. Sure, you may have been to plenty before, but you haven’t been to one yet this year.

9.  Burn fall scented candles at home.

If the orange and red leaves outside aren’t enough to make it feel like fall, burn some fall-scented candles in your home. All the spicy, pumpkin and caramel scents will certainly put you in the fall spirit.

10.  Drink seasonal beverages.

Pumpkin spice lattes (PSLs) aren’t popular just because they taste good. They’re popular because of the way that spiced beverages makes you feel. So, head to your local café and get whatever spiced drink tickles your fall fancy!

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fall activities

11.  Add some fall décor to your home.

Adding fall décor in and around my home instantly alerts me that it’s fall. So, put out that décor and make it easy on your brain to recognize the season!

12.  Hit up a corn maze.

Again, does it get any more “fall” than a corn maze? Nope! Grab your friends, and enjoy getting lost – or finding the exit – in a corn maze.

13.  Get outside.

One of the easiest things that will get you in the mood for fall is just being outside. The air is crisp, and all the colors are vibrant and warm. Go for a hike or go walking through your city to take in how the season’s affecting your surroundings.

14.  Go to the farmer’s market.

The farmer’s market transitions with each season. Hit up your local farmer’s market for fall-themed décor, foods, etc. Even if you don’t buy anything, it’s exciting looking at all the fall products.

15.  Carve a pumpkin.

You bought pumpkins, but don’t forget to carve one! Carving a pumpkin is a great opportunity to be creative while also diving into the season.

Fall is upon us, and don’t let it pass you by! If you start doing little fall activities now, you’ll get into the fall spirit quickly so you ca relish in the entire season.

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