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do bras prevent sagging

Without a doubt, women are constantly seeking effective ways to maintain a perky pair. And these concerns become increasingly heightened with age. Unfortunately, there are countless rumors swirling around about what works and what doesn’t when it comes to preventing breasts from sagging.

While of course there’s no way to avoid this completely (we can’t fight gravity), there are methods that can help to slow the process down. One of the hottest topics around breast sagging is definitely whether wearing bras can play a role in this effort.

Hollywood A-lister Halle Berry famously told InStyle magazine: “If you don’t want your boobs to hit your knees by the time you’re 30, always wear a bra, even to bed.” But does sporting this undergarment around the clock really keep your breasts perky?

Read on for the skinny on this much-debated topic.

Can a bra help prevent sagging breasts?

While a bra will make your breasts look lifted while you’re wearing it, they’ll return to their natural position once you take it off. Still, sporting one can reduce some of the strain on the breast tissue that contributes to sagging. There’s no real research-based evidence that wearing a bra is linked to reduced sagging, but there’s also no concrete evidence that it’s harmful or counter-effective. So it all comes down to what feels most comfortable to you based on your breast size, lifestyle, and other factors.

Having a sports bra with adequate support, however, can make a difference. That’s because when you perform high-impact exercises, such as running or plyometrics, your breasts are subjected to far more dramatic bouncing, which wears down the connective tissue over time.

To prevent the ligaments (and skin) from stretching out, you’ll want to look for a sports bra that comes in different cup sizes, has adjustable straps and keeps the breasts in place with separated cups or seaming along the bottom and sides. Having a super supportive sports bra is especially crucial for women with a larger bust when it comes to preventing sagging. Remember that while your sports bra should fit snugly, it shouldn’t be so tight to the point of discomfort, as that can hinder the flow of lymphatic fluid and cause a number of issues.

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do bras make your breasts sag

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What causes sagging?

This probably comes as no surprise, but age is one of the number one factors that contribute to sagging breasts. The Cooper’s ligaments, which is the connective tissue that maintains your breasts’ shape and perkiness, begin to gradually stretch out.

Additionally, whenever you lose weight, gain weight, or go through a pregnancy, that growth and shrinkage of the breasts make the surrounding skin and tissues lose some elasticity, which gives them a droopy appearance.

One study at the University of Kentucky College of Medicine found that the risk of breast sagging increases with each pregnancy. Smoking and having a high body mass index were other risk factors determined by the researchers.

Is there anything else that can help prevent it?

While a few extra pushups can’t entirely halt your breasts from sagging, performing certain chest exercises can strengthen the surrounding muscles and ligaments (including those Cooper’s ligaments), which may help make your breasts look perkier as a result. Try working your chest three times a week with targeted moves like incline bench presses and dumbbell flyes. For some bonus points, perform your exercises lying back on a stability ball, which gives you a wider range of motion so you can engage those chest muscles even more.

Avoiding smoking and exposure to UV rays, as well as yo-yo dieting, are all measures that will make a difference as well.

As for whether bras have an effect on sagging breasts, it all comes down to personal preferences and comfort.

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