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valentines day lingerie - Choosing Your Valentine’s Day Lingerie: What You Need To Know

The countdown has begun. Next week, the most romantic day of the year will be upon us once again. Yes, Valentine’s Day is about to dawn, which means that we’d all better start making some plans so that we have the best one yet. While you’re busy trying to figure out how to make your loved one feel extra special, there’s one thing that you shouldn’t forget. You also need to pick out some fabulously sexy lingerie.

Choosing the right set for the big day itself may well be easier said than done. This Valentine’s Day, you may well want to feel uber confident while trying out something that you may never have dreamed of before now.

So, where should you start? Here’s what you need to know before you shop.

Don’t assume it has to be red

valentines day lingerie ideas

Marion Unlined Wire Bra P5392 | Marion Hipster P5395 in Black

Red is the color of love; the color of roses; the color of lust. There’s every reason that you may think that your Valentine’s Day lingerie has to be deep, deep red. However, the truth of the matter is that it doesn’t have to be. While it’s a classic look, there’s no reason that you shouldn’t move away from the color and opt for something more original. With oh-so-many different tones and styles out there, there’s sure to be something that you and your partner will love. So, as that’s very much the case, why should you limit yourself to just one color?

Go for something a little different

plus size valentines day lingerie

Parfait Charlotte 6901 | Parfait Charlotte Bikini 6905 in Bronze

Let’s not beat around the bush. We all get stuck in a rut now and then when it comes to our sense of style. If you’re used to wearing the same old thing time and time again, it could well be time to change things up and try something totally new. There’s no better time to go ahead and shake things up than the most romantic day of the year. Check out a whole range of styles and opt for something that is new to you. While it may feel like something of a leap, trying out something different could make all the difference.  

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Pay attention to detailing

buying lingerie valentines day

Casey Plunge Molded Bra 2801 | Casey Boyshort 2805 in Rose Print/Black

Never underestimate the power of detailing. When it comes to choosing the most epic Valentine’s Day lingerie look, you should keep this vital rule in mind. The more intricate and beautiful the detailing on a piece, the better it will look. Choosing a set that has this level of stunning detail is sure to make your partner fall in love all over again. Remember, every lady deserves to feel extra special when this holiday comes around.

Add a little retro twist for fun

retro valentines day lingerie

Charlotte Padded Bra 6901 | Charlotte Highwaist Brief 6917 in Red/Black

Fancy adding something new to your Valentine’s Day look? Why not go ahead and add a little retro charm to your lingerie set? There are so many modern looks that take inspiration from throwbacks to forgotten eras. From longline bras to beautifully timeless babydolls, there should be something for everyone out there. If you usually stick to the same old, tried and tested looks, this may well be a good way to step outside your comfort zone. The more you push the figurative boundaries, the more likely you are to stumble upon something that makes you feel wonderful.

Choose pieces that ooze confidence

best lingerie for valentines day

Sandrine Plunge Longline Bra P5351 | Sandrine Hipster P5355 in Cameo Rose

There’s nothing sexier than pure, unbridled confidence. It’s that simple. When you feel comfortable in your skin, it shows in a rather serious way. Don’t opt for a piece of lingerie that makes you want to run away and hide. However daring it may be, it could well be a mistake if it doesn’t give you the security that you need. Instead, make sure that the lingerie you choose feels right for you. Be certain to opt for pieces that you know will look good and that you will feel gorgeous in. When you find one that really does fit the bill, never ever let it go.

Before you know it, the day will be here so it’s time to get shopping. Now that you know how to find the very best lingerie set for this romantic holiday, you should have no problem at all. Why not have some fun with it? Take your girlfriends with you so that you can each pick out a set that suits you. It’s the perfect plan.

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classy lingerie valentines day

Wendy Plunge Padded Bra P5411 | Wendy Bikini P5413 in Victorian Rose

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Happy bra shopping!

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Marion Unlined Wire Bra P5392 | Marion Hipster P5395 in Lapis Blue
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