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when you gain weight does your bra band size increase

If you’re wondering if your bra size will change from gaining weight, there’s no simple answer. If you gain weight, it’s possible you’ll bra size will change. But gaining weight in your bust isn’t always a given. It’s possible your bra size will remain the same after gaining weight. There are several factors that determine if you’ll gain weight in your breasts when you gain weight.

Factors that can cause your bra size to change when you gain weight

Every woman’s body is different. A woman’s body determines how and where she shows a weight fluctuation. Some women quickly notice a change in bra sizes after gaining as little as five pounds. On the other hand, some women need to gain quite a bit more weight before ever seeing a difference in their bust.

Here are the factors that determine if your bra size will change (including both the cup and the bra band) when you gain weight:

1.  Your genes.

Your genes have everything to do with your boobs. Your genes determine your boobs’ shape, size – and how they gain and lose weight. It all comes down to the density of your breasts, which is determined by your genes. Your genes affect your hormone levels, and those hormone levels decide your breast density. Whether or not your bustline increases after gaining weight depends on how dense your breasts are – how much fatty tissue they originally contained. Women with less fatty breast tissue may experience less change in their bra size from gaining weight. On the other hand, women with more fat tissue in their breasts may notice more changes.

2.  How much weight you gain.

Two women could gain 15 pounds and have different experiences in their breasts. It’s impossible to tell your body where to gain weight. Some of us reflect weight fluctuations first in our butts and some of us in our bust. Again, how quickly you see a change in your bust from gaining weight depends on how much fatty tissue was already there, how much weight you gain and, of course, genetics.

3.  Your age.

Many changes take place in the breasts as a woman ages. The ligaments in older breasts can become weak, making the breasts sag. And women that are past menopause may have more fat in in their breast tissue. This means that older women may notice a bra size change more quickly from gaining weight.

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Some women hope that gaining a few pounds will go straight to their bustline. Others hope gaining weight won’t affect their bra at all since a change in bra sizes requires buying new bras. However, a change in bra sizes could very likely happen when you gain weight. So, it’s a good idea to know the various signs that you’ve outgrown your bra. A bra that is too small may be uncomfortable and painful. You may even notice that your boobs are spilling out of the cups.

You should get a professional bra fitting even if you think your breasts haven’t changed after gaining weight. Gaining weight doesn’t necessarily mean you need a bigger cup size. You may instead need a different band size or a smaller cup size. Your bra size depends on the shape of your breasts, which varies from woman to woman. Always get fitted for a bra after gaining weight to ensure your bra is maximizing your comfort and confidence.

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