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is it ok to wear a sports bra to bed

Real talk: We love our sports bras. And what’s not to love? They’re comfortable, supportive, and come in a wide variety of colors and styles. Previously, sports bras were designed solely for working out, but in recent years, they’ve become far more versatile. These days, women are wearing sports bras outside of the gym — sometimes, they’re even making a fashion statement with them. Some basically live in them. So, is it OK to make a sports bra your everyday go-to?

Here’s what you need to know about wearing sports bras all the time:

Benefits of sports bras

There are many advantages to sports bras that make them stellar for everyday wear.

Firstly, many of them offer an impressive level of support. Low impact sports bras tend to be lighter weight and less helpful in terms of lift and support, but many other styles contain features such as underwire, separated cups, wide straps, and adjustable bands. As a result, they’re great options for full-busted women — even if they’re not engaging in intense physical activity, they’ll still get peace of mind that their breasts have adequate support. This is a major benefit for women who have physically demanding jobs, as well as moms with young ones who are constantly on the go — a supportive sports bra protects the bust line while they’re running after their toddlers.

That added support also comes with an additional benefit: it can help to prevent sagging. Many sports bras are designed to minimize movement of the breasts — and it’s movement that causes strain on the Cooper’s ligaments, which keeps them looking perky. In a study by The University of Portsmouth, researchers revealed that “breasts move far more than ordinary bras are designed to cope with.” Thus, wearing a super supportive sports bra can help to protect your bust line and ward off any premature drooping.

Sports bras are also fantastic for everyday wear in the summer — since most of them are made with moisture-wicking material, they can help to keep you cool and dry on sweltering days.

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Is it safe to wear a sports bra every day?

Indeed, sports bras are safe to wear for extended periods of time — however, it’s crucial that the sports bras you wear fit properly. It’s a good idea to get fitted by a professional to check that you’re wearing the right size. That way, you can ensure that you’re getting sufficient support from your sports bras and that they don’t cause any unnecessary discomfort. Some women get confused because they know that sports bras are supposed to fit a little snugger in the band. While the band should definitely be snug, it shouldn’t feel constricting or painful. If you notice your sports bras leaving marks anywhere on your torso or shoulders, pinching your skin, or making it difficult to breathe comfortably, that’s a sign that it’s too small.

Clearly, there is a multitude of perks to wearing sports bras all the time. Truth be told, the only drawback to sports bras pertains to style. A sports bra is obviously no match for a black lace balconette bra or a sexy satin push-up bra on a romantic date night. That said, sports bras have come a long way — with so many fun colors, prints, fabrics, and cuts to choose from, you can still find a range of sports bras to suit different outfits and occasions. Just as it’s a matter of personal preference when it comes to wearing underwire bras or going wire-free, it also comes down to your comfort level when it comes to wearing sports bras on the regular.

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Happy bra shopping!

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