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how to wash bras

When it comes to washing your lingerie, some no-nos are no-brainers. For instance, you may know that it’s not a good idea to toss your bras in the dryer, as the intense heat from the machine can wreak havoc on your delicates. You may also know that it’s a bad idea to wring out your bras or to wash them with super hot water.

There are some gray areas, however. While it’s best to hand wash your lingerie, there are times when you may wish to machine wash them. In those cases, is it OK to wash your bras with other garments? Or should they be washed separately? In this guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know to answer this common lingerie laundering question.

Do I have to wash my bras separately?

One of the worst things you can do is toss your lingerie in a machine with heavy articles of clothing or bedding, such as towels, blankets, and jeans. This is because heavy garments like this could do some damage to your delicates while being agitated in the machine. Buttons and zippers on denim can snag lace, and hefty articles can cause some wear and tear on a bra’s lightweight fabric.

That said, you can wash your bras with other pieces, but you should stick to light garments like blouses and tanks. No matter what you’re washing your bras with, you should consider placing them in a mesh lingerie bag to protect them from damage in the machine. When straps get tangled around larger items, they’re more likely to stretch out, so putting them in a mesh bag can help you to avoid this. Even if you’re washing your lingerie by itself this is a good idea! That extra layer between your lingerie and the washing machine parts can do wonders for preventing them from getting tangled.

You might even invest in a mini washing machine specifically for your delicates to keep them separate. These lightweight machines are the perfect size to wash all your lingerie pieces. Plus, they’re so small that they can fit on a counter or shelf without taking up too much space.

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How else can I preserve bras’ longevity in the machine?

Before you place your bras in a lingerie bag, make sure all hook-and-eye closures are fastened — this prevents them from snagging any fabric.

Also, you should always wash your bras on the delicates cycle — other cycles’ wash and spin cycles tend to be too fast, so they’re more likely to break down the fibers in your bras over time and shorten their lifespan as a result. A delicates cycle means less agitation and thus, less abrasion.

Ideally, you’ll want to invest in a specialty lingerie detergent to keep your bras in tip-top shape. Always opt for a machine cycle that has cool or cold water. And once your bras are clean, lay them flat to dry or hang them by their center gore (so as not to stretch out the straps).


Next time you’re machine washing your bras, remember: it’s OK to wash them with other delicate, lightweight garments, but they should never be placed in the same load as your heavier items. Using a mesh lingerie bag will help to further protect them in the machine. After all, you invested in high-quality lingerie because you know it will last — and properly washing it is key to ensuring the longevity of all your favorite pieces!

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